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36 minutes ago, popsiclebrandon said:

The new XFL team will play at CWS, that is why this league is going to UCF. Also I think you can appeal to families and do better with a cheap minor league football league out at UCF than at CWS.

This wasn't the case at all with the AFL Predators.  They moved to the UCF Arena and went straight in the garbage.  As a season ticket holder for 15+ years, the UCF were the worst attended games I went to.  I'm not sure about tickets sold, but butts in seats.

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2 minutes ago, popsiclebrandon said:

You could totally be right. Just a guess that it will be easier to lure people from the suburbs in to an area they feel safer with free parking all over. If they end up signing Tebow then I think it won't matter where they play, it will sell a lot of tickets.


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1 hour ago, I am Reality said:

The XFL has contacted Orlando with high-level interest of bringing a SECOND pro football team (according to the Sentinel).

The XFL obviously knows about the other league, but thinks Orlando can support 2 teams.

I think both leagues are counting on the other one failing quickly, so I wouldn't necessarily come to the conclusion they believe Orlando can support 2 teams. It seems doubtful it can, but one league will likely fail

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It appears AAF is going to stock its ranks from former Florida players, first from the colleges and then the pro teams. It's a heck of a marketing strategy - it will be interesting to see how it goes on the field.

Orlando's Alliance of American Football team learns how it will procure players

From the Sentinel

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It’s finally here - the AAF begins play Feb 9 (three days after JFW gets Lucky!) and CBS Sports is ranking the Orlando Apollos #2.

Let’s see what the Head Ball Coach can do!


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In the overnights at least, the AAF was stronger than the NBA

Can the shiny new Apollos with the Spur Dog outgun the dreary old Magic? We’ll have to wait and see. I know what my clhoice would be.


From Yahoo Sports 

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