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  1. Poor planners dot com 10 years after fact. Mooooove the cows!
  2. Your bike should be on your home owners insurance.
  3. Yes. It's the parcel directly across I4 from the train station.
  4. I don't remember typing that. Lol. Must be my alter-ego Ai...
  5. To heck back door altamonte pic, I don't gfy. Worst municipality in in FL.
  6. South I-Drive "District" Penny Slots!
  7. Agree. REDEVELOPMENT would be a great word, but, they missed that opportunity.
  8. It's been open for about a year now, it's awesome.
  9. Ah, yes, a mighty Sunday ahead indeed; Lamb, Lure, Hide, Bottle, Topher.
  10. Missed opportunity for NAMING that place...
  11. Ya. That's right. Find the thread decades back or on SSC.
  12. That was conceptually planned for across street from Aloft. FAA flight path for Herndon said nope.
  13. Is little slugger even from here? Lol
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