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2018 Knoxville Construction Updates

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Hello all,

So there is quite a bit going on in Knoxville at the moment- mostly construction on apartments and offices below 10 stories, as well as renovations on older buildings. I plan to post more pictures of what else is going on around the city, but here are just a few to look at for now.


Completed: Tombras Advertising Agency, S. Gay St.



U/C: Apartments on W. Blount Ave & Henley St.


Residential units near new Regal Cinema HQ



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Late March Update:

The development along the south side of the river is progressing smoothly. Below are some pictures I captured of the Regal Cinemas HQ and adjacent residential developments. As a Nashvillian who witnessed this style of development at home, I am thrilled to see the same type of urban infill here in Knoxville.



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U/C: Student Residential Apartments on Cumberland Avenue20180320_193800.thumb.jpg.4583416a6b344a88917dcc162b362dbd.jpg

Looking east on Cumberland Ave. toward downtown. Front right: Off-campus student apartments are U/C. Back left: The Standard, completed 2016, peaks above the businesses on the Strip. Far back left: Strong Hall, the tallest building on the Strip and newest completed academic use building on campus.


Completed: New phase of the Children's Hospital. Snapped this on Cumberland Avenue.



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Expansion of the Church Street UMC continues. More information: http://insideofknoxville.com/2016/06/church-street-united-methodist-church-set-to-build-addition-to-historic-structure/



South Waterfront development, taken Thursday morning:



From left to right:

1. Regal Cinemas HQ (9 stories, exact height unknown)

2. Riverwalk at the Bridges; $60 million investment that will house up to 600 residents.

3. (right side of Henley St. Bridge) 303 Flats; valued at $40 million. Will begin housing students this fall.


With the addition of the Regal Cinemas HQ, the investment in the South Waterfront is worth more than $100 million. 

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I'll keep this pinned until the end of the year. My rationale for creating this thread back in March was to freshen up the board with a new thread and show that there is a lot going on at the moment. A lot of the existing threads had been created back in the 2000s and sort of fizzled out several years ago. 

Please let me know if y'all have suggestions.

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