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I am sure all of you have seen the Donate now to UP. I would like to encourage any of you that can afford to donate to do so. This is a great forum and Neo, the owner, has been very open to solving any problems and being the voice of reason on the board.

There were some rough times as far as moderation goes and we are way past that now. I really think this as a great place to express your views and concerns, not to mention a place to express our excitement to all the development happening in Middle TN.

A few dollars is well worth the time you spend on the board and support a great forum.

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11 hours ago, dmillsphoto said:

This will also help pay for all the photo storage we're providing for the likes of LA_TN, Mark, and Chris. AWS storage ain't cheap, and we are large consumers, forum-wise, of that storage.

**I use PhotoBucket

But we should all give a little for what we receive!

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