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Not a great sign for Nashville according to this:


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Who honestly even cares about these kinds of "studies"? I mean who the hell is WalletHub, never even heard of them and it just looks like the Austin Biz Journal is just looking for some crap to go with.

Austin has MUCH worse traffic, their growth is so explosive that infrastructure can not and will not be able to keep up for many years to come, and is quickly becoming unaffordable as a whole.


Also, move this to the coffee house. 

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I mean the study does have a point.  We have terrible public schools and laughably bad public transport.  :(

Yeah, that is true.  I just meant that a random list isn't anything to get hung up on.  But you're right.  We do have the public transit system of a city a third our size.  I blame that primarily on the high concentration of Nashvillians who say it's a waste of money to build a mass transit system but then look the other direction when the government spends four times that amount on adding one lane to one half of one expressway. 

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As stated, the study brings up good points (education and transit being key), but I don't think it's going to have any impact on the general view of the city. I don't think many people have ever heard of the group that published it, I certainly haven't, and it's not like the New York Times or Conde Nast just declared us to be bottom-of-the-barrel.

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