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Well, I have had at least a dozen names on this site over the past 10 years, but I never got past 700 or so posts before being banned by MetroM/Metro Boi/Monsoon.


Well, this time around I finally made it!!!!!!


I may finally retire....who knows?


It's been fun, 





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I feel like we're congratulating an addict for drinking 50 beers in one day without dying:alc:


Kidding, John. You're an asset to this community and I'm proud to call you my neighbor! Now get a life! ;)


Good one; you come up with some real doozies, but then that's what really spices up these dialogs, isn't it?


Yes Johnny, congratZ. That's a whole lot of motor-mouthing, you know (pot calling the kettle black, eh).  Also, never would have guessed you were really into percussion (drums).



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