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Our friend Burt


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Let me start off by saying I'm truly going to miss Burt and his passion for Richmond. His passion was second to none. I was always amazed at how much information and memory he had from the past and he didn't even live here anymore. In the spirit of Burt, like others have mentioned I'm going to try to post more on this forum and not let his legacy be forgotten.


I'm going to try to cobble together everybody's posts and recent picture (which I'm so glad to finally have a face to identify him with) into this thread and hopefully we can use this thread going forward to remember Burt.


Maybe a news organization will pick up his life story and passion for Richmond since I'm sure there are members of the local news community that follow these boards.

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joanpone - I am sad to report that Burt died this week. A late comer to the computer world, he loved these forums and reveled in all his friends and followers. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, my friend.


wend28 - I'm deeply saddened to hear of Burt's passing. He had been quite on here the last week or two so I had wondered if something had happened or if he just went on one of his many NYC to Richmond trips. I left Richmond years ago, but still kept informed about what was going on through his postings. I often chatted with him through direct messages. Really great guy and he'll be missed on these forums. RIP, Burt.


eandslee - What?!?!?! I was also wondering why he was silent the last few days. Well, the boards will not be the same without him and he will be sorely missed. Heck, we don't even know what he looked like (any way to post a photo?). This is very sad news indeed.


eandslee - Thanks for posting the photo - it's nice to put a face to a name. I'm very sorry for your loss and though this is a loss for all who knew him, we here on UP, should celebrate his life by keeping his spirit alive here on this board! May we do what Burt would want and be more enthusiastic about Richmond's growth just as he was - let's keep the posts going! Thanks again joanpone!         



540_804 - Wow. This is unreal. I don't know what to say.


He will certainly be missed.


RVA-Is-The-Best - Are you like, a family friend or something?


My god, I barely know him other than Internet relations and I find this very hard and awful.


The true life and the spirit of Richmond UrbanPlanet is gone. But we can emulate his enthusiasm for the river city, by continuing to post, to carry on the news and developments of the river city.


Buenos noches, amigo. :(

Downtowner - Wow I don't even know what to say. I even teared up for awhile after I saw this. I truly feel like we just lost theh core as well as the heart and soul of Urbanplanet Richmond. He was unlike anyone that I have ever seen on a forums site. He was extremely dedicated and he had such an amazing passion for Richmond and I wanna thank him for all he has done for this site. Even though we may of lost him we must still carry on conversations about things going on in richmond. I feel like this shouldnt be the end to it. This should still go forward. Honestly I joined Urbanplanet back in High school as a freshman when Urbanplanet was just starting up. I was just then getting to learn more and more about Downtown Richmond and its surrounding areas. I learned so much from everyone on here about the ups and downs this city faces but at the same time I am still learning more and more each and everyday on these forums. I am gonna try and post more frequently because as long as I have seen these forums go on we just can't let it all end here because Burt is gone. RIP Burt you will be missed greatly on these forums and most of all on earth as well. JoanPone thanks so much for at least letting us know. He was extroadinarily a great part on these forums and its amazing to know of someone at his age and during his generation of people learning to use a computer and learn how to post on forums as well as post links to different articles. Its amazing someone at his age to at least attempt to wanna learn to use computer. Thanks and god bless him and god bless his family.

Oaktowntwinz - I am at a loss as to how to express the sadness I feel after reading of Burt's passing. Intuitively, I sensed something was wrong because he hadn't posted any news for several days. He was so passionate about his hometown and he loved sharing that passion with everyone. Downtowner, you expressed your feelings much better than me and I know Burt would be very proud of you. I always looked forward to his posts and will truly miss him.

Richmonopoly - Wow. I am at a complete loss. Teary-eyed even.


It is amazing how someone who you may know such little about can move you so...

He was an ardent poster who's optimism about the future of our city was contagious.


Having faced a close death twice (liver transplant transplant patient) within the last four years, I am humbled by his contributions to this site and to the lives and spirits of all posters who share his passion for the success of our little city.


I, too, will be more deliberate in posting in his honor.

Peace and Love my friend.

wend28 - Yea, I will say I got a little teary eyed when I read that burt had passed too. Always enjoyed reading his posts on my former stomping grounds. You could tell he took such great pride and joy in it too, which was unfounded by most members here. UP truly lost a great member this week. If there's an Urban Planet high in the sky, I'm sure he's already posting about Richmond restaurants. He will be sorely missed around here.

joanpone - I knew Burt many years ago in Richmond and reconnected with him here in NYC. I considered him a great friend. I will certainly share your wonderful comments with his family. I'm sure there will be an obituary in the Richmond Times Dispatch.


Burt loved these forums. He would be so pleased at your kind words and respect for his devotion to sharing info on Richmond.

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Dear Burt,


I am glad to have met you almost a decade ago starting at RCW. We butted heads a few times, but I am glad we could still respect each other and be friends. We had tried for a while to meet and when we did, I had a thoroughly good time, so good we lost track of time! I was not expecting that sense of humor, amazing! You definitely can't get the full measure of a person online. Thank you for your generousity as well. You taught us a lot about Richmond and its history. I swear, Burt, you knew everything and was on top of it all! We couldn't beat you to any story! You knew more being in New York than we did here at home. I am so glad your love for Richmond never faded even though you were away. This city was in your heart and you are in ours. We'll never forget you! You're a class act all the way!


Your friend,



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Hello...I'm from the Hampton Roads forum. I'm pretty sure I've seen a post or two from Burt, but I'm saddened by his death nonetheless. My prayers and condolences to his family. He seemed like a very wonderful gentleman.

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Will miss Burt a lot.  He was unflagging in his enthusiasm for Richmond.  I consider him a mentor of sorts even though we were distant friends.  These last few years I got to know him personally and learn about his considerable accomplishments.  He is part of a generation that cannot be replaced.  He leaves a big void behind him. There's one less good guy in the world.



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My best memories with burt is the day him and myself attended an annual Venture Richmond update on developments in Richmond which was held at the Virginia Center of Architecture.  I think it was 2006???  We practically "took over" the meeting since the moderator did not know of the developments we were inquiring.  We gave a damn good presentation with so little preparation.


Our society is now minus a fine gentleman.  Though his legacy will always beat in our hearts.

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Yeah I believe burt would be very happy with the direction Richmond is going. The bicycle race, the renovation of the landmark theater. I know burt would be very proud of richmond and all it has done since of his passing. I think one thing that would tickle him to death would be that we are still contributing to these forums and decided to not just let it die out. I am very proud of all the contributions we have made on here. I honestly felt like for a while once burt had passed that this forum was going to just die out. I am glad that we at least have a passion about where we live and all that our metro area has accomplished. Who knows what the next 5 to 10 years will hold for richmond but the more I think about it the more excited I get. This is one city we can't afford to see become dilapidated like I remember it from the 90's. I remember going into downtown back when I was a little guy in the 90's just thinking to myself what has happened to this place. My mom and father grew up in Highland Park back in the 60's and attended John Marshall High School together and I remember my grandma had all sorts of old photos of Richmond back in the days of Thalhimers, Miller and Rhoads, Woolworths and the rest of the department stores I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the town that I grew to have such a passion for. Anyways I think burt would be very proud of each and every one of us.

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