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Indigo 19 Progress


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To be honest, I like the look. A lot. It's got some of the cookie-cutter design of the apartments going up downtown, but at the same time, it works for the Miami Beach look VB is trying to replicate. It's nothing elegant, but it's not tacky either.

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It would be nice but i have a feeling it will be surrounded by a sea of parking lots


Yeah, this looks like a nice potential urban development for that area but I also am expecting it to be nothing more than glorified suburban apartments.



Also, the title says Mixed Use, I am guessing that is a mistake? 

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Looks very nice but I'm really having trouble getting a feel for where this is. It would have helped if they provided a picture of the surrounding area.


If you go to the locations link, switch to hybrid and zoom in it looks like it is behind the double tree next to the convention center:



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