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My Apologies To All.


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I am sorry for any misunderstandings as of late. I have been under a lot of stress over the past year, and I have been sensitive to any criticism. My life is extremely busy right now, and I am in a period of transition with a new place, intense job, and financial responsibilities.

I have over moderated many topics, and deleted threads and postings I should have not deleted. With that I am sorry. I took offense when I was called illogical or an idiot. By having Adult ADD and possible Adult Autism or Asperger's Syndrome along with Clinical Depression I tend to have issues with focus and OCD, so sometimes I contradict myself. Many times I get easily offended, especially on anonymous message boards. That is not an excuse, but I am sorry for any confusion. I have asked Neo to delete my account, and I have given the moderation over to Timmay143 as I recommended a week or so ago.

I basically do not have time for anything else right now. I actually have not done any competitive bowling either in a year and a half. I have been too busy.

With that, and this time it is final, I do not plan on posting or asking for moderating duties back again. I do not intend on going to anymore meetings either, as I value my time with family and friends more.

I also suspended my account at www.skyscrapercity.com as someone publicly using my real name blasted me relentlessly instead of sending me a private message which would have been the appropriate thing to do. I responded in kind, but they have not removed their post. I apologized to Insighter over there. My attempt at humor was mistaken and I was raked over the coals.

I am also suspending Facebook as I do not have time for that either. I will not be responding to any messages on Facebook or taking any phone calls for awhile. I must focus on work and home for the time being. I may occasionally lurk to catch up on some renderings or news.

I bid you farewell, and maybe I will see you at the future 505 CST groundbreaking!


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You'll be missed, John! Even if I can see why some were upset at some of the moderation decisions you made, your input always was interesting, generally well thought out, and was done with a collegial attitude. I hope you'll still pop in on occasion or post, but I completely understand your decision to leave. I know how it can be trying to balance "real" life with your online activities.

Anway, best of luck in all you do, and I hate that I was never able to make it to a meeting to say hello in person.

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John, I just want to be clear that it was NEVER my goal or desire to have you step down as moderator, much less leave the message board altogether. I've never even personally brought that up as a possibility. All I ever wanted was an explanation as to why you deleted some of my posts. I just wish that you had explained to us what you just did first, rather than compounding the issue by avoiding it.

As I've said before, I respect you very much, I think you're a good guy, and I've always enjoyed reading what you have to say here. It was just frustrating for me to spend time constructing a post, and then having it all be for naught because it was erased from record without a word over something rather petty. Then my frustration was compounded when, instead of simply answering my questions, you simply deleted my question as to why you were deleting so many posts. I never wanted it to come to this, and I apologize for getting as intense about it as I did, but I think you can understand why I was feeling frustration over it. I wish you wouldn't leave the forum altogether over this. I mean, this deletion issue is just one tiny piece of the puzzle, and you add a great deal to the message board. If you're stressed out in life, maybe the right move would simply be to step back from moderation so you can just enjoy the discussions here?

In any case, regardless of what you decide to do, I hope you keep on fighting the good fight in fighting for quality urban development in Nashville. The city is lucky to have residents like you that care so much. Whether you believe it or not, you will be missed. Take care man.

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