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  1. Where are you getting 306k from? The US Census Bureau has Greensboro sitting at just over 302k as of July 2023, up from 299k in 2020. I think the annexation laws will result in much lower growth in Greensboro for the foreseeable future. Durham is gaining rapidly and will probably pass Greensboro either next year or the following. Its population jumped from 283k in 2020 to 296k in 2023.
  2. Yeah, probably could have worded that better. What I meant is that whatever the speed limit is on a given road, the actual design of the road needs to be conducive to that speed, and additional uses such as separated cycle tracks can help achieve that design speed. Obviously that is a lot easier said than done because it's tedious and expensive to rebuild existing roads, but I look at some of the streets in Uptown (5th St) and South End (Bland St, Hawkins St, etc) where vehicular traffic rarely seems to exceed 25 mph, and contrast that with a number of other Charlotte roads that have the same 25 mph speed limit but are ridiculously wide...going the speed limit feels like you're going too slow on those roads. I remember a couple years ago the speed limit along the stretch of Colony Rd between Runnymeade and Roxborough in Southpark was reduced from 35 to 25. Even with all the houses, trees, bike lanes, etc, traffic is usually going 35+ through there because the road is so freaking wide.
  3. My controversial opinion is that it would be better to just ban new cars altogether than continue going down the rabbit hole of ridiculous bullcrap that further reduces driver involvement. I think the auto industry has made cars far too comfortable, and we are seeing what happens when hordes of car buyers - who don't enjoy cars or the act of driving - are behind the wheels of these sensory deprivation chambers...they start looking for other ways to entertain themselves, because the car will drive at a constant speed automatically, keep it in its lane automatically, brake if it has to, etc. It would be virtually impossible to attempt, but I would be interested to see a pilot study where... All posted speed limits reflect what the roads were actually designed for, and are aggressively enforced on all non-limited access city and neighborhood roads Limited-access freeways and interstates have no speed limits, but proper lane discipline (keep right except to actively pass) is aggressively enforced with severe penalties (jail time) for offenders All vehicles must have manual transmissions, with exceptions only being granted for people who cannot physically operate a clutch and/or shifter I would be willing to bet a substantial sum of money that crash rates, and certainly fatalities, would rapidly drop like a rock. People who are afraid of everything can stick to city roads where speeds are slower, and people who want to live a little and/or have long distances to cover on limited-access highways get to haul absolute ass. I see no downsides at all to this proposal.
  4. It amazes me that Cybertruck buyers don't realize we're not laughing with them, we're laughing at them.
  5. Being alert and predictable goes a long way, for everyone involved, in all situations. When I'm walking around and am waiting to cross a road, I first make eye contact with approaching drivers, and after they indicate that they seem to understand what I'm intending to do by slowing down, I jog across the crosswalk and usually give a quick nod/wave. When I am driving, I regularly see drivers block crosswalks, not slow down for pedestrians to cross, etc. I also regularly see pedestrians standing at the very edge of a crosswalk looking like they are about to cross, so I slow down to basically a stop before it is evident they have no intention of actually crossing, OR they virtually jump out in front of me with no warning (usually this happens near but not actually in a crosswalk where I expect people to cross), and then proceed take forrrrrrever to cross the road. There's a happy medium where everyone wins, but for some reason people on the internet act like everything is black or white.
  6. There are literally hundreds of millions of people in the US alone who actively wall themselves into a car-based lifestyle despite hating cars and hating the act of driving itself. Yet, when someone wants to build something that caters to a very small group of enthusiasts who actually enjoy cars, and like to drive them fast, but want to do so responsibly, in a controlled environment, that is far from the hordes of people who complain of such activities, we are the bad guys?? You can look pretty much anywhere around the Charlotte area to find widespread forest destruction that combines to be several orders of magnitude worse than the effects of building a racetrack in the middle of nowhere, and there are no signs of that slowing down...but of course we're still the bad guys because "car loud and bad". I brought up cruise ships as a ridiculous analogy because those are monumentally more destructive and impactful than this will ever be...but it's harder to demonize those because they are so far out of sight and mind.
  7. I am pretty sure Royal Caribbean's new 'Icon Of The Seas' super cruise ship will burn far more fuel in a day (80,000 gallons), than every car combined that will ever circle this track until the day ICEs are completely banned. But ok.
  8. Pic of 200 Main and and Stadium Lofts II site last week. I'll be based out of Kannapolis for the foreseeable future (close enough to bike to downtown) so I should be able to keep this thread updated regularly. I am posting this from the Local Patriot Roasting Co coffee shop and it is surprising how many people are out walking/biking around on a random Wednesday afternoon, and how diverse it is. You've got teens hanging out grabbing ice cream/coffee/boba tea, older couples enjoying the weather, families out on the swingsets and water features, etc. Years ago (prior to Vida being constructed) I posted on another forum that I thought Kannapolis was the city to watch in the Charlotte area, and I firmly believe it will cement itself as one of the premier smaller cities in NC. Obviously it's not perfect, but downtown Kannapolis has such a perfect mix of older buildings filled with local shops and restaurants, a baseball stadium, lots of new residential, basically a downtown grocery store, a small employment base at the research campus, AND a downtown train station, that continuing to add so much residential (several large projects are in the works in addition to what's currently under construction) will quickly snowball. I can't think of another city in the Carolinas that has changed so much in such a short amount of time...Apex is exploding but most of its growth is heavily suburban.
  9. Would you rather see cars racing around on public roads, or have racetracks surrounded by thousands of nearby residents who somehow don't enjoy the sound of high performance machines screaming around a circuit? This will be basically in the middle of nowhere east of I-74, so the environmental and noise impacts should be about as minimal as possible.
  10. What's going on at the Doughton Mfg Co building on Tremont? (next to Para). Looks like some sort of renovation or demolition has been going on for a week or two.
  11. The mold didn't need to be broken just because the Cybertruck is electric. The only people, and I mean the only people, who are actually buying Cybertrucks are insecure status-crazed sheep who didn't get enough attention as children and have to be the center of attention absolutely everywhere they go. I don't understand why so many automakers are hellbent on making their EVs look as weird as possible. People who want electric trucks for actual truck things buy R1Ts and F150 Lightnings.
  12. I was absolutely astounded last night to see that construction on Sugar Creek Rd between N Tryon and the Blue Line seems to have wrapped up. No construction signs, traffic cones, anything like that. All lanes now open on Sugar Creek.
  13. Company wide (reportedly around 14k workers affected). Just a couple months ago I was of the opinion that Tesla would be virtually guaranteed to survive the ongoing shift to EVs. Now, I'm honestly not sure. Musk has rapidly gone way off the rails, and might single-handedly torpedo Tesla if his ridiculously obscene compensation package is reinstated. He already fired the entire Supercharger team in addition to huge cuts in other departments. The longer Musk is in charge at Tesla, the more uncertain its future is.
  14. It looks like there are a pretty minimal number of driveways and intersection on US 74 between Lilesville and the Rockingham Bypass. Seems like it would be more cost-effective to just upgrade that existing section to interstate standards.
  15. I think a serious bid by Tepper would depend heavily on how successful the Panthers and FC are over the next several years. Especially if public funds are involved (which I sure they would be). He hasn't done anything to endear himself to locals and I don't think he will garner much support until he calms down and his current teams start winning.
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