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  1. I know the daily deck has been reservation only for quite some time now - probably close to two years at this point.
  2. Good luck buying Starbucks and Chipotle out of their leases here!
  3. They are doing some pretty major modifications to the building. I am surprised they weren't required to do the rail trail. They're basically taking off the front of the building (roof will remain though) and expanding the rear. Twelve vacuum pumps will front South Blvd.
  4. Wine Vault in University is great! Looking forward to this addition to Elizabeth.
  5. Apartments (5 stories with garage). Silver Hills at "Noda."
  6. Also saw the crane base next door at the Greystar apartment tower.
  7. They aren't connected. The Melrose Place site took forever for rezoning approval. It's now in for approval with the city, so it should be starting by end of year. It is now being called Adler Montford Park. https://www.taftfamilyventures.com/on-the-boards
  8. Per Accela, it's the new Proton Therapy facility. https://atriumhealth.org/about-us/newsroom/news/2022/03/atrium-health-breaks-ground-on-new-radiation-therapy-facility
  9. Wish this was the Grainger or Caliber Collision site...1501 Mint is always pretty vibrant when I pass it.
  10. Heard this is being demo'd for redevelopment...
  11. I think this is an updated page for Morehead Overlook. Forgive me if it is not (renderings look the same but I haven't seen the colorized site plan). https://www.bbm-arch.com/project/morehead-overlook/
  12. Found a landscape plan for a portion of the STAX site on Accela (looks like one of the phases). This project was initially to have ~700 multifamily (in 2 phases potentially). Looks like it already has a name, Kairoi Loso. https://www.kairoi.com/what-we-do/development/ They are rezoning an adjacent parcel that bounds CLanton, Blairhill, and 77.
  13. The apartment tower will be on the Rosemont/Artisan building portion of the site.
  14. Looks like the retail space in the Lincoln Dilworth Apartments at Kenilworth and Morehead is being converted to additional apartments (8 units). https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2021Petitions/Pages/2021-219.aspx
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