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  1. Nobody working today. Project is dead? Anyway, happy Independence Day.
  2. Swamp Rabbit Trail to expand 2 more miles with $20M in federal money
  3. The additional curbside area has been opened.
  4. A couple invested a chunk of money with a major financial backer of Camperdown. Although Camperdown has come together, there have been financial issues along the way, possibly due to Covid, construction costs and delays after. So the couple is suing the finance guy over the investment's result. There is much more detail in the story. The outcome will depend on the statement of objectives the couple gave, and the disclosures the finance guy made up front.
  5. Investors claim Ponzi scheme used to rescue Greenville's Camperdown from mounting debts This is early in the case and there are 2 sides to this story. I would summarize it as there's a strong smell of a questionable fiduciary nature, but not necessarily a classic 'P-word'.
  6. Does this tiered road list count? https://www.foxcarolina.com/2024/04/23/greenville-co-penny-tax-commission-releases-list-potential-road-projects/
  7. I was barely aware of these new signs until I was taking some out of town visitors around Greenville and one of them asked about Aryana as our food choice. I was surprised that he knew about this restaurant on a side street but he pointed to the info sign.
  8. I've been there to eat several times - it's great and hope it continues to build places people want to spent time in. It's not bad now and has lots of potential.
  9. https://www.greenvillesc.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=3499 It's great to see that the game parking issue has been considered and it looks like a decent solution to help families get to and from the game. They don't state specifically, but it appears that the new county parking garage was never an option for off-hours parking? Does any know why?
  10. This is a likely explanation - a county employee posted that they were still working in the corner building as demolition began. They had to complete the move out and pre-demolition before the rest can be taken down.
  11. Recalling the Certus fiasco at 1 N Main St, hopefully that means UCB will be a stable local community office.
  12. Are you saying that the entries such as "US 25 Hwy 25N 4.670 miles $320,618 92% complete" is not specific enough because it doesn't have GPS coordinates?
  13. Thanks - some great views on what's going on there!
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