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What is your favorite East Asia City?

urban addict 20324

What is your favorite East Asia City?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite East Asia City?

    • Tokyo
    • Hong Kong
    • Beijing
    • Shanghai
    • Taipei
    • Singapore
    • Bangkok
    • Seoul
    • Pyongyang
    • Other...

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Has anyone here been to North Korea?

Americans are not allowed to enter North Korea. Though... there have been a few who have been able to get a visa some how. They have tours actually, if you're intrested. Do some google work and try to find people's tour diaries. it's pretty intresting :)

Next to Tokyo, I'd have to vo te for Seoul as my favorite east asian city... simply because i've been there a lot and absolutely love it. Needs more parks though ;)

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Bangkok- great restaurants, incredible hotels, stimulating atmosphere and the lazy Chao Phraya flowing through it all. My only problems with Bangkok are the horrible pollution and the sad fact that most of the old city has been destroyed for new buildings, many of which are not attractive.

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