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World's tallest bridge inaugurated!


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The engineering behind it is extraordinary. It's hard to tell from other angles but in this picture you can see that the guardrails on the sides look pretty high. They probably also dampen the wind. Although I'm sure getting stranded up there wouldn't be much fun.


I'm curious what the senses can pick up from up there: what sounds does the bridge make as you drive across it? Can you feel the gaps in the deck as you cross each span? What do you see on the other side? What does the air smell like up that high? Hmm... Add that to my list of places to go to someday.

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Easily one of the coolest bridges in the world. One funny thing is that...with all the problems they are having with the Bay Bridge in SFBay...this giant, gorgeous bridge was far less expensive to build than even the most conservative, and ugly, designs for the Bay Bridge replacement. They aren't even replacing the entire bridge for god's sake. The financial difference is dramatic...in the billions.

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