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Could condos be next after Adams St Station?


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Below is an article about a condo project going up near the USC football stadium in Columbia SC. Just as Columbia pioneered using rail cars for tailgating, it is now joining a trend of tailgating condos. Jax would be a excellent candidate to be the next city to do this. As the article mentions, the USC stadium is indeed in an industrial area. The Alltel Stadium area is much nicer, and it has the added benefit of the Arena, Baseball Stadium and Metro Park concert venue being nearby as well. This is a good example of the results of building snergy by having the stadium/arena/baseball park all in the same area.

Condos planned near stadium


Staff writer

When real estate broker Eddie Wilder talks about tailgating as serious business, he doesn

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That was a nice article, however it neglected to mention that there are 4 condominium projects going up around Williams-Brice Stadium. Carolina Walk is the 8 story condo directly across Bluff Road from the stadium, The Spur is a 7 story development 1 block south of the stadium at the corner of Bluff and Berea Roads, Stadium Village lofts are a 2 story development on Berea Road adjacent to the Spur and on Friday another new condo development was announced by Dinerstein Companies to build a 4 story, 168 unit condo development. Yes, the stadium is in an industrial/warehouse district, but that is rapidly changing.


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That's a good point vic. I noticed from skyline pics that Jax's stadium is somewhat removed from the CBD (I want to say west of the CBD?), which, IMO, is a good thing; football stadiums don't get used often enough to justify location in a prime downtown locatoin. But it would be cool to have some "life" in that area, and have it connected to downtown in some way.

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when driving through the area, you can notice subtle changes made in the past few years besides the obvious new sports venues and parking garages, but there are a few restaraunts and Adam Street Station, and hopefully the Shipyards and St. Johns Point. I think there are a few buildings that could also be rehabbed into lofts or something, but there is need and room for improvement for sure.

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