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What is a Google Map edit?

I moved Jones Creek road to reflect the new construction, i still need to draw the second road but The least the old road is lined up now.

Basically any incorrect map data I can fix. The depending on the change, i may need a third party to verify the accuracy of the changes.

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All2neat, I see you responded to my map edits, my gmail account is under Steven. After you posted this thread I decided to go back on there and try and get my previously denied edits approved. Sorry if I sounded condescending in the descriptions, I was still bitter that the changes weren't approved even though they are accurate!

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Haha, no problem. I was kind of PO'd one of mine got denied. I think I might have accidentally had a brain fart on one of yours modifying a road to a trail and sent it back for review. I'll keep an eye out for your edits and try to push some of them through.

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