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Two New Bars at 53 Commerce - Stella's Lounge and Viceroy

John E

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Oh yea, I heard this was something proposed by the guy who owns Hopcat. I heard he wanted to start two new bars. One a vintage/punk rock style bar and the other a more ambient/lounge type bar. I remember reading that he's from Chicago and if he is then he knows about a couple of great bars there, one a vintage/punk rock bar called Delilah's and a lounge type bar called the Long Room. I love both those bars and I hope he's making GR versions of these. This article only seems to be talking about one bar so maybe he's scrapped the other, who knows. Anyway, I know a lot of people think more bars are a bad idea because the market is saturated, and it is bad if they are more bars like what we already have. The city is all about economic growth and using unused space downtown so I don't see why this place wouldn't get approved. When can I expect to get a drink?! (o:

Hmm, I wonder if it'll be called "53" or "53 Commerce"? Business naming has been a little lame around GRDT lately.

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Mark had a meeting for the neighbors today at Hopcat. Real cool signs and logos. I really like the light bulb sign for Stella's that will be seen from Ionia Street.

He was very interested in being made aware that people were living right behind Stella's on the other side of the alley. He said he would put a sign by the door asking them to respect the neighbors by keeping the noise down. He seemed concerned and very willing to do what he could to assist people in the area.

They are not going to be specializing in beer like Hopcat's. They are providing unique atmospheres. One will be open for lunch and the other at 4PM. One will have a larger menu while the other will have mainly snacks.


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