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I need some help

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This may be a little off topic, but at the same time it is not really.

I am looking into forming a not for profit development company.

I have a great deal of ideas and some plans. I have met with some officials, I think I might have something worth pushing for a little while.

but frankly, I need some help.

I first of all need help doing leg work. Admittidly I am not the most organized person and I often put the cart in front of the horse. I need someone with some of the same vision I have but also someone that can think about the details that come before the big idea.

is anyone on here interested in actually being involved in trying to make something happen in downtown Hartford?

I am talking real world here.

If you are interested, and If you think you have the knowledge or ability to be of some assistance I would be happy for it.

I am perfectly comfortable talking to government officials, fortune 500 CEO's and other luminaries, but I definately need some help with the writing of business plan and making sure I have something substantial to bring to these community leaders.

please send me a PM with your e-mail address and or phone number so we can get in touch and maybe see if this is something that can get started.


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ok, so I am opening this up, because it just so happened to go down that path.

I started a google group that has people from HYPE and the few from UP that sent me PMs, well, since UP is really my interweb home, I wanted to open this project up to those whose opinions I value most.

I am moving forward with the idea of creating a not for profit development corp in Hartford with the goals of turning parking lots into housing and other generally usefull things.

if you want in, send me your e-mail address via personal message.

there are 13 members now most are from HYPE, so I want more UP people on there.


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