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Any carpenters looking for work?

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I'd not only like to keep it local, but give any UP people the shot at some work I need done. Basically need someone who understands soffits (and why I need better ventilation), someone to build a closet and miscellaneous other projects (including finish carpentry) I have on my money pit of an old house. Looking for someone ASAP (like tomorrow) and hopefully someone who can continue to work on the myriad of projects that I'm not comfortable doing myself. :)

Email me at joeforce (at) gmail.com and let me know what you do, what your rate is and send some pics of your work if you have them.



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Want my Craigslist runner-ups? I am presently talking to several people found on there (doubtful that anyone would be able to start tomorrow).

You might ask for referrals, since more people on here are likely to know carpenters/handyfolk than actually work those professions.

I also had some success asking for referrals on my Facebook profile.


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