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Apparently the new economic stimulus bill includes $8 billion towards the development of high-speed passenger rail service in certain parts of the country. Upstate SC is one of them. Although I'm sure any such service is still years away, and may not stop any closer than Greenville, Spartanburg may still benefit from improvements to rail/highway crossings. This might include the ones in Fairforest and Arcadia (I believe the current Amtrak trains travel that route).



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There will be a stop in Spartanburg. Like any other train service, the actual number of trains that stop in Spartanburg will be less frequent than in Greenville simply because we're a smaller city- but we will get a stop.

For the latest on high speed rail in South Carolina, please use this thread. Check out the links to the SEHSR Study.

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I dug up this thread because Georgia DOT is spearheading an effort to connect Charlotte and Atlanta via high-speed rail, and Spartanburg could be a stop along the potential route.  They are holding a public meeting at Greer City Hall on June 5, 4-7 pm.


GSA Business article

Atlanta to Charlotte Passenger Rail website

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I think there is a lot more interest in Georgia and North Carolina that will ultimately drag South Carolina into the mix like you are seeing here. I think it's just a matter of time before it happens. North Carolina has already started work on double-tracking the entire route between Charlotte and Raleigh, which is a precursor to high speed rail.

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