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UCONN Mens Basketball

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It seems that UCONN is back in the national spotlight.

today the first ranking came out.



North Carolina is the unanimous No. 1, receiving all 31 first-place votes and finishing with 775 points. UConn, which finished 24-9 last season, had 707. Louisville, one of seven Big East teams in the top 25, had 694. Rounding out the top five were UCLA (650) and Duke (578).

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I'm not sure if being number 2 is a good thing for this UConn team. We'll have to wait and see, but it seems a tad high to me. People like to set UConn up for defeat, so I think part of the poll results reflect that. Hopefully we prove that we are really that good and will have a good NCAA tourney run.

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So the Men are still doing pretty well. only loss of the season was to a ranked team at least, and they beat a good group of ranked opponents as well.

I am sure will might loose another game this year with all the talent in the big east, but its definately going to be a good season.

AP Top 25 1. Wake Forest (68) 16-0 1,793 2. Duke (4) 16-1 1,721 3. Connecticut 16-1 1,590 4. Pittsburgh 16-1 1,569 5. North Carolina 16-2 1,510 6. Oklahoma 17-1 1,498 7. Michigan State 15-2 1,394 8. Syracuse 17-2 1,146 9. Louisville 13-3 1,09010. Clemson 16-1 1,04311. Marquette 16-2 1,00312. Georgetown 12-4 97913. UCLA 14-3 89714. Texas 13-4 85815. Xavier 15-2 84816. Butler 16-1 72617. Arizona State 15-3 67118. Purdue 14-4 55319. Notre Dame 12-5 46920. Villanova 14-3 35321. Minnesota 16-2 29822. Memphis 14-3 20823. Gonzaga 12-4 20124. Florida 16-2 17525. Illinois 15-3 159

and the women are just plain nasty. beating the #2 school by 30. thats just craziness. sadly at this point it would be hard for UCONN ladies not to dissapoint. they are so much better than everyone else they can only screw up because anything less than undefeated and a national title would be beneath them. that much suck to play under that kind of pressure.

kind of like last years patriots.

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