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In Progress: AvalonBay-Norwalk


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AvalonBay is (finally) under way


"After years of litigation and delays, AvalonBay Communities will break ground this month on new housing, retail and a public walkway along the Norwalk River near Belden Avenue."

311 units of typical AvalonBay mediocrity (with some ground floor retail), but this area sure could use the activity. I drove by this weekend. They're wasting NO time getting started. I'll see if I can get a few photos soon.

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Wow, there seems to be a ton of activity down in Norwalk. That's great to see.

I think Norwalk might actually be the hottest spot in CT. Stamford for all of its luster is seemingly limited to a few large projects. And it is trying to create a downtown like Norwalk is starting with and building off of. It in pretty cool that the places with downtowns full of life are getting a great deal of attention. West Hartford and Norwalk being the best.

Even downtown Norwich has that 18 story Hotel.

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I just snapped these photos this morning. It's a bit hard to get any good shots because they have the entire site blocked off with a tall fabric fence, but they are getting a lot of demo and excavation work done.





I'll see if I can find any images or site plan information.

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I came across this article from a month or so ago.


I happened to go by the construction site yesterday and they are coming out of the ground now. There is a portion of the second floor deck poured already and it looks like they were getting ready to start forming more of it. I'll take a few photos this weekend.

The market in Norwalk must still be strong regardless of the price drops I've seen recently. In addition to the projects mentioned in the article, there is +/-250 unit project at the old Pepperidge Farm bakery site that is probably 2/3 through construction. I'll try to get a photo or rendering of this too, but I don't go by the site often.

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