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  1. I find it hard to believe people are still talking about the Busway actually happening, instead of rail to a larger region. The busway is remarkably short sighted. It's too much money for serving too little people. People aren't going to abandon cars for buses the same way they would trains. And if you think in a world beyond peak oil, which we've already hit: how do you plan on running these buses? Gas? Will become too expensive in the future. Natural gas? That will likely be the way of oil and become harder to obtain and more expensive to use. We don't have any mass produced alternatives in planning. The rail would be better. Hopefully the longer this Busway thing drags, we can finally get an official switch to what should be done.
  2. Oklahoma already loses, and Oregon looks bad against Boise. Bunch of BCS busters already? Between Boise, BYU - and then potentially Utah and TCU. Good stuff ahead.
  3. Considering that this is Connecticut, I'm surprised it's 2014 and not several years later.
  4. It'd still be faster to drive, and I also don't trust Mass. to get its act together. I definitely do think that at least, eastern Conn. should get a rail link, the 395 corridor to the rest of the inland of the state. Bring it out to Putnam, maybe extend into RI for Providence if they want in. And then have one run down Route 2 way to Norwich, then south to NL/Groton
  5. Saw in today's Courant, the first tenant for this project will be a Storrs branch of the Vanilla Bean Cafe, which is a very well known establishment at its location in Pomfret. I never been, or to the sister place 85 Main in Putnam, but I hear good things.
  6. As being in eastern Conn., I'd love to see an improved east-west connection via rail. It's about time. Not many good ways to get from one side the state to the other. I still can't believe this NB-Hart busway is still being a busway, and not a rail line as a part of a statewide network. Connect Waterbury, Bristol, NB, and Hartford all on one branch. Hell, why not go all the way to Danbury and beyond? The future is in the rails, not I-84.
  7. Time to vote him out, he's too content and entrenched in his office. Need someone who will at least try and deliver things for us.
  8. Lowerdeck


    Like moving to Houston is really going to help matters? I'm not familiar with the Aeros, how well do they do for attendance and can they be something better than a minor league team? And let's face it, can many cities in the south be any strong hotbed for hockey, esp. if they aren't winning or contending for playoff places?
  9. New York is a massive economic power, which Boston can not rival. How many people would be willing to commute two hours to New York vs. two hours to Boston? Even here in Thompson, there aren't that many people who commute to Boston. Too far outside 495. How many people 65 miles from Manhattan go there every morning? The other thing is, the best rail connection between Hartford and Boston would probably end up going through Springfield. Massachusetts can't even get Worcester to Boston straight or in a timely manner. So unless Mass. and Conn. decided to build an entirely new route going from Hartford to at least Framingham...
  10. Haven't heard much about it lately. To be honest have not been paying attention. But well, wouldn't be surprised if there was no news at all. Preston by now should be known for it's lack of desire to do anything.
  11. Lowerdeck

    The T

    News: the state is threatening major change of service to close a 8 billion dollar budget issue. Among ideas being thrown around, a T fare hike of 25 percent and a 30 percent reduction in bus and subway service, along with some bus routes being eliminated altogether. I've also heard that six cents of the proposed 19 cent gas tax hike would be dedicated to the MBTA. Or perhaps both, considering this is Massachusetts after all.
  12. Considering that it's already been around a decade now, what's the odds that this current proposal never sees fruition as well?
  13. Why is the busway still being seriously considered? This is ridiculous.
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