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Large Scale Murals/Ads


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I am sure many people remember the Hornets murals from years ago to celebrate the team, and the star players/mascots. I realize there is no longer a blank wall at Wachovia Main, but there are certainly man blank walls in downtown that could use some spicing up. I would love to see a Mural of Jake, Steve and Julius on the side of a building, I think it would be pretty neat, if I get bored tommorrow at work I'll make a mock up. What do you guys think, will we ever see things like that in charlotte again, a city that practically has zoning laws to keep ourselves clean and blah. Here are a few shots I found online of the great murals we had on Wachovia Main.


Vlade Divac, Glen Rice, and Anthony Mason


Muggsy, LJ and Zo.


I know there is supposed to be some great Billboards and Ads at Epicentre eventually, and I hope it will happen.

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Yeah there were certainly some sweet murals on Wachovia. What other blank wall uptown are you thinking of? I can maybe think of Duke Energy, but you would have to paint around the windows. Maybe the Convention Center, even though it is a low-rise. I definitely agree that the city needs to add color uptown though. We need something catchy yet soulful. I'm excited for the the Fat City Lofts mural.

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I totally agree with this sentiment. I wish we had a less sterile city, and aside from the "want" to have more visual stimuli, wouldn't the advertising income help the coffers? Who is FYC and do they pay for their ad space? And what about the Nascar ad on the side of Epicenter? That's gotta help.

In the last Noda neighborhood meeting, we found out that we finally had an open door to propose a dressing-up of the Matheson St. bridge. This has been an idea that had been going around the hood for a while to turn the bridge into a "gate" for the neighborhood. Apparently, we have some money now, and the city is willing to consider this a viable project (pending the design) - which I suppose we are soliciting help and suggestions from engineers, planners and artists - if anyone out there knows any :thumbsup:

For jealousy sake, I just got back from Chicago and here is something they did with giant light boxes and a fountain, it's not an Ad, but more public art:windylake1862lu3.jpg

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^Ah, the Hallmark Fountain. Perfection in terms of public art!

Charlotte's backward (uptown) signage regulations make anything interesting an impossibility (unless you go to the time and expense to get zoning variances). Look no further than the tiny letters spelling out "Grant Thornton" atop Charlotte Plaza. And some of you might remember (and if you look at the building closely you can still see the outline) of when the Hilton Garden Inn was forced to change it's signage because of size. Now the hotel's logo is tiny and looks quite silly.

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I think a projected mural would be cool, especially on the College street wall of the Omni. Even if only it was during Epicentre Pavilion shows or in the evenings or something. I'm pretty sure I saw them project some logo up on that wall for Whiskey River's opening. So if that is legal (could there possibly be any rule against shining light on an object?), I wish they'd just start doing it.

I've always really liked the restored Coke mural/ad on the LandDesign building across 6th from the CVS. There was also briefly an ad mural on the buildings they tore down for the arena from the 1900s, which had been covered up 100 years ago when the next building was put up abutting that wall. Of course, no one in power thought it worthy of keeping for public art. I still believe would have been a very cool to have inside the arena even if they had just kept a small portion of it.

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