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Seattle Film Institute chooses Greenville for 2nd location


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I don't know anything about the Seattle Film Institute, but apparently they were on a search for a second location and chose Greenville, naming the new location the Carolina Film Institute. Here is the article from the Greenville News:


The view of why Greenville was chosen by the institute was good to hear:

Film Institutes of America selected Greenville as the location for its first expansion after engaging in a nationwide evaluation. Greenville was selected for three main reasons. As a regional center, Greenville is within easy striking distance of an impressive list of cities including Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Charleston, SC, and Jacksonville, Fl. Greenville is also at the geographic center of states that have incredible incentive programs for filmmakers. Nationwide, it's hard to find incentive programs that are much better than those offered by South Carolina, North Carolina, and Louisiana. Finally, Greenville, SC was chosen as the location for Carolina Film Institute because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its livability-it's a true destination for students from both the region, across the United States or around the world

Here is the website for the Seattle Film Institute:


Does anyone know more about this?

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