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Protest Uptown


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So I am in an American Politics and Political Protest class in which I have to research, analyze, and attend a protest somewhere in the Charlotte region this year. While looking a few up, I came across this protest that is scheduled for today and tomorrow around Bank of America's annual shareholders meeting. While digging up information about this protest for my paper, I remembered a similar cause at the Ritz/BoA construction site where protesters climbed up one of the construction cranes and flew a banner on the cranes arm.

I remember there being a discussion on UP about this but I can't find that thread for the life of me. I was wondering if any of you remember when that protest was or which thread we discussed the matter in.

For any interested in the protest uptown today, there will be four parts:

From 12:30 until 2 a national labor union and consumer groups will host a "bank consumer stakeholder meeting" at the Levine Museum of the New South.

At 8 p.m. the groups will screen student videos about consumer debt.

At 9:30a.m. the protest will be moved to outside of Blumenthal

The protests will wrap up with a "free lunch" at Trade and Tryon at noon Wednesday.

More Protest Info

Guess I'll be spending a lot of time uptown today and tomorrow.

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Thanks monsoon, I don't know how I missed that title when I was looking back through the threadlist. I guess I'm just blind. This stuff will really help me out guys, thanks a lot! I'll put some information/pictures up here tomorrow after the main protest in case anybody is interested.

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