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Trolley Barns


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Didn't see another post on this topic so I started this one:

Last Thursday was a presentation from three different architecture firms on what could be done with the MDHA land on Rolling Mill Hill. There's a bunch of mid 1800's trolley barns there now. Here are some pics from the event. Sorry for being so large...I wanted everyone to be able to read what was printed.


Allard Ward Architects (David Allard)


Everton Oglesby Architects (Gary Everton, Sheila Dial, Julie DeBow-Davis)


Gresham, Smith + Partners (John?? Allen - didn't catch his first name)


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Thanks for the post. I like the idea of a elementary school on RMH as well. This area has so much potential. Only problem is that Metro is so slow doing anything. They should have sold it to a developer with the stipulation that the old structures have to remain.

I did not see the detailed drawings on the Everton Oglesby web site. I would bet they will eventually be there.

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