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  1. But they haven't...which means the design likely costs more than $500 million. Hope I'm wrong, and this skates by through "easily" as you say. I'm a sucker for BIG's work.
  2. In terms of floors and height: Residential and Hotel - ~10'-0" Office - 13-15'-0" Lobby spaces/Ground Floor (general) - 20'-0" Hospitals - ~15'-0" Schools - ~12-0"
  3. Nice pics, @KJHburg. Fun fact about the glass atriums...initially pitched with the glass conservatories, the ownership doubted they could afford the steel and glass it would take to construct it. Earl Swensson sold them on the fact that the interior rooms as opposed to the exterior rooms would garner the higher room rate. He was right. That additional projected revenue from the higher room rates substantiated the additional costs. Then...in future phases, Opryland sought to make more INTERIOR facing rooms.
  4. @Baronakim this has your fingerprints all over it. Explain yourself! what’s this castle doing in Clarksville and what did you have to do with it?
  5. If you haven’t experienced this project at dusk, please do so. Go get a meal at the Optimist and saunter over to take in the majesty of the lighting courtesy of Matteo lighting. Smith Gee Studio (local architects) freaking nailed it on this one.
  6. No. The "East Bank" has to be the answer to everything. Affordable Housing, Transit, Neighborhood Friendly, an NFL Stadium, TPAC...oh and the infrastructure needs to appear magically for free. It's too much. I would not characterize this as a half a$$ job by any stretch. The expectations are just ridiculously high and the program is too much.
  7. That was a comment on the limitations of the of the capacity effecting what types of performances we can have there.
  8. I’m a big Bjarke Ingels fan (no pun intended). But I’m not thinking they (or TPAC) is going to be overly concerned with street activation. Hope I’m wrong.
  9. Being scaled downward so it can be shoved into the East Bank? Maybe it doesn't belong there? Putting a limited use building next to another massive limited use building is going to be a struggle for activated streets in this new neighborhood.
  10. It would be a shame of the Board of Zoning appeals allows a variance for this property to allow for less frontage to accommodate a curb cut on Gallatin. This will end up being an extraordinarily dangerous series of T-intersections.
  11. This is the end…my only friend, the end… https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2024/02/07/whataburger-east-nashville-expansion.html
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