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We're talking about the wrong highway


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The city could have an amazing water front if not for the huge concrete block separating the city from the river. Riverfront Plaza is nice but there should be a mile of unfettered access to the water. The dike is problematic but there are ways over, under and around to solve that problem. If the city had billions to solve one highway problem, it should be the riverfront and I-91.

Remember how loud people screamed to deck over I-84. That was suppose to reconnect the city with the north end. Well, it happened, the deck was built. The result, nada, nothing, zip.

So why do people think tearing down the I-84 aqueduct will accomplish anything? My guess and history says it will accomplish what the deck accomplished. Is the I-84 aqueduct good urban planning, definitely not. Is it Hartford's biggest problem. Nope. In fact, it is very far down the list. And it is definitely far behind the problem that is I-91.

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Hey man I will support either and both.

The I-91 thing is somehow involved with colt and the national park thing and some congress person was looking for funds.

the viaduct is its own issue, but since people are motivated, I will support them and see what can get done.

If we get to a point where its one or the other I will make my choice, but for now it seems that 84 is in the public eye a bit more.

watch me flip flop like a politician on this one! :P

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i think both have merits. i think 91 would give more amenities to the city as far as parkland and scenic views. I certainly agree that it's a shame we don't have more "river-culture." although I wonder how much that has to do with the river seasonally flooding.

i also think that fixing 84 is a high priority for the city. i think cities function best when they are cohesive. 84 certainly does a good job of chopping up hartford, while I-91 just limits access to the river.

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