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Good to see they got to keep their name.

I would have felt terrible for all of the long time fans to have to cheer for a new team and a new name when they had a perfectly good one before moving to MLS.

And the amazing thing is that poll the team did in an attempt to find a name they didnt even include the traditional Seattle name. Sounders won because 50% of all votes were WRITE IN's. and Sounders beat out the 2nd place name (that was an option in the poll) by 20%

just impressive stuff.

Cheers!!! 68577.jpg

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They won their opening game as well before a sellout crowd. Pretty impressive. I wonder if it will make fans forget about the Sonics.

It also looks like the Sounders will have company in the NW with new teams in Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR within the next couple of years.

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From what I understand, both Vancouver and Portland are making the same jump as Seattle in keeping their USL1 league info as Portland will maintain their Timbers name and history as well. I think that builds instant fan recognition. I was downtown during a night with both Sounders and Mariners playing and it was BUSY downtown.

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