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  1. If I recall correctly, the city's master plan does want to see part of that lot utilized. Mainly, the area facing Wealthy.
  2. https://www.crainsgrandrapids.com/news/real-estate/developers-revive-20-year-old-plan-for-giant-mixed-use-project-in-east-grand-rapids/ This would be a boon for Gaslight
  3. Mix in Gaslight let their lease expire May 31 expire son there will be an opening there.
  4. I was looking at Sun Country's route list. Seems like a majority of their routes are seasonal but Minneapolis is one of the airports they have permanent flights. I'd love to see this be successful and maybe even add seasonal flights to LA, SF and/or Phoenix.
  5. I feel like Slows went downhill after their departure from counter service. I just didn't ever see the passion there and I feel like BBQ is a labor of love and passion as it's easy to screw up. Parts of the market seem incredibly successful and others don't. Not sure the formula used by Fish Lads, Aperitivo, Rak Thai and Field and Fire but they always seem to do well when I'm at the market.
  6. I was curious if the location could be a Dicks Public Lands store. Seems like that and Moosejaw have some overlap.
  7. I've been there a few times and agree with the sentiment that it was nothing special. A Wendys with alcohol themed frostys would have been light-years ahead. GRBC and Stella's are both close by and have excellent burgers.
  8. Would they put this on the ballot like they did with the zoo (proposed move to the current FMG site?). Seems like public funding would be a tough sell especially if they wanted a bond proposal in Kent county but it's built in Muskegon county. I'm certainly way ahead of myself. A $300-400m cost today is only going to cost 20-30% more if they follow even the most optimistic time line of starting in 3 years. This just seems so far in the future and so expensive to get truly excited about.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/08/opinions/homelessness-solutions-houston-model-eichenbaum-nichols/index.html It seems per this article that Houston is having some success. It does, appear however, that for the best chance for success to get all parties on the same page.
  10. I am curious to what kind of demand they're seeing for these condos. I remember an earlier article stating it was pretty good.
  11. Wealthy Street Bakery Sold Seems like a feel good story. Hopefully, its a smooth transition.
  12. Two questions. Did they drop the high end french concept? And two, did they not end up selling their bar to someone from LA?
  13. The former Purple East building for example has been trying for a main floor tenet for as long as I can remember.. I don't doubt for a second the park across the street is the reason.
  14. Those buildings that line the park south of the movie theater and north of the market seem like prime real estate except for the constant homeless population. Real or perceived safety concerns probably are a major concern to that area receiving investment.
  15. Sidebar is basically a basement storage area with zero windows and I've always enjoyed the atmosphere there.
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