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Enderly Park Neighborhood west of Uptown


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Also check out the Camp Green area -- neighborhood names Regal Heights and Dowd Heights depending on who you ask. ItRight on the other side of Freedom, very similar prices, very similar homes, not quite as many problems. Located between Freedom, Wilkinson, and Berryhill Roads. There has been a bit of a wave of new folks to the neighborhood and there is the huge Bryant Park development coming at one end of the area that will have mixed use, single family, condos and townhomes.

Enderly Park will likely change, anything that close to center city will at some point, but nothing seems to have happened recently to indicate it will be very soon (though that could always change -- nothing surprises me here in CLT any more!). Right now many parts of Enderly Park can be downright scary, especially at night.

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Welcome to Urban Planet, Flaury. Please remember that this is not a real estate advice website, and those types of questions are against the rules. Please steer the rest of your posts away from that appearance.

I'll update your post above be more generalized about the Enderly Park neighborhood.

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Enderly Park has a few more years before it turns around, if you do buy something stay in the area between Freedom Dr. and Tuckaseegee Rd. it's a bit safer. Camp Greene Neighborhood ie: ( Dowd Heights, Regal Heights ( Columbus Circle), Marsh Estates, Ashley Park & part of Wesley Heights ) this area run from Freedom Dr. to Wilkinson Blvd. / West Morehead St. to Ashley Rd. go to there web site to get some info on the area, www.HistoricCampGreene.com . Houses it this area are starting to jump up in price but still affordable and with the new Bryant Park coming in with 500 new homes starting at 200k the area will change very quickly.

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