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Pictures of buildings in and around Nashville


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I decided to start a thread so those who forget or are new and want to know what certain buildings look like can see them here without getting off topic on other threads.

Here is a pic of the BMI building on Music Row


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When I was new to the Music Row area, I actually thought for a couple months that that was a building that USED TO BE the BMI building, and I said as much to several people (you know, next to the old BMI building). I really thought that the letters were the remnants of a previous sign. They still kind of look like that to me.

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Ok, so after I thought about the Nashville wikipage, this thread becomes stupid and worthless. I totally forgot we had that page there, and it serves the purpose for this thread plus others. Please contribute to the wikipage, if possible, in order that it may become very useful.

P. S. thanks PHofKS for the additional picture!

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