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Some Hartford pictures I took

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I posted these pictures on Skyscraper City 1 year ago. As it turns out this site much more suits my interests. So I thought I would post these pictures over here. So Feb-1-07 would be an approximate time stamp here.


This picture was taken from 280 Trumbell Street facing north, North west. The building is often called the prudential building. You can see the Hilton on the left. It is attatched to the Civic center. You can see the "park" that streatches over I84


Same location just looking more to the NE. The building is commonly called the Stiltz building. It holds FOX 61. This building has the Hartford stage attatched to its garage. Also in the distance partially obsucred by the stiltz building is the Crowne Plaza hotel across the highway and near the river.


This is taken from the 12th floor of 10 state house square (recently bought for $96M) also facing NE. You can see the CT river. To the right of that you can see Uniprise building. In the foreground you can see part of constitution plaza. On the left you can see the back side of Capitol community college, and the roof of the marriot (city steam brewery) MMMM...Beeer!!!

at the very bottom you can see some townhouse type buildings. They are the new temple street. and in the middle is the Morgan Street Garage


A better view looking North of the Stiltz Fox 61 building and CCC. Plus the cathederal witch they are fixing up and well all the buildings in the foreground have been fixed up recently.


looking more NW you can see 280 Trumbull. The building I took those other pictures from.


here is a better look at the work being done on Temple street.

So these pictures are facing West from again the 12th floor of 10 statehouse square.


Here you see part of Hartford 21 on the left side, The Civic Center low and in the middle, The Hartford Life Insurance far away in the background. and you can see the buildings that make up Pratt street in the foreground on the right.


A look down Asylum street.



Thats the Bank of America building that would be looking to the SW. The new owner wants to knock down the garage to the extreme right and build a new garage with an additional 300 spaces and convert the top 15 or so floors into 50+ condos.


The main at grade parking lot in downtown. Joe Blacks resturant just opened up there a year and a few months ago helping the area out.



City place I and II, Hartford 21

on the left you can see 100 Pearl street.

The sad thing is I dont have a view of Goodwin square. It is hidden by city place and is the 4th tallest building in the city and I think maybe the nicest on street level and from a distance. (cant say anything for inside)

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part Deux

These were all taken from the south side balcony of the 14th floor of 10 SHS. sometime over summer.

BOA building, and the gold building, world HQ of UTC Corp.


Hartford Hospital in the background, Old church in the foreground, and the Bushnell on the park complex in the middle


Travelers in the background, and the Central row buildings. the old state house roof.


1 SHS on the left, The Phoenix companies HQ, the new Mariott, and part of the Travelers compound.


1 SHS up close and personal like. and XL logo on 100 Constitution Plaza


a better shot of the Old Statehouse


A nice shot down Asylum Street


Down Main street looking South


Steel from the science center. its topped out now and the sheething is going on as weather permits.




The onion dome of the Colt Gateway factory being converted to mixed use.


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A stroll I took maybe 2 weeks ago. I will call it March 20 or so 2008

Temple Street from Constitution Plaza. I think the first pic captures the look of the street and city and gives you an idea how the Sage Allen project has changed the look of the area.




Image of the decorative stone images along Temple street. There are 10 or so I am posting 2 shots



Hartford School of making lots of money. It also shows you the temple street apartments from a different angle.


I then went to the planning department to look at plans and afterward decided to walk over to the Science Center (those shots are in the science center thread.

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Took these pictures a little over a year ago. They are from a pretty unique location.

On top of a house on in Frog Hollow.





Yeah I told you its a unique view.

you can see Downtown

Billings Forge

The Hartford office supply building

and The Hartford Lyceum.

Now these are from todays walk around town. Nothing special, and honestly I didnt walk too far.





















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It is my pride and joy. I honestly spoild myself on my birthday just before going away on vacation I baught my dream camera.

Cannon G-10

its frekin 15 mega pixels. I love that I can suck at taking pictures, and it makes me look good :P

The craziest thing is that most of the phots of city stuff end up taking up 6 megs, but my hosting site reduces everything down to 1 meg, so what I post on here looks like crap compared to on my monitor.

Honestly this camera is amazing and I highly suggest anyone pick it up if you have the means.

one of my best friends who does a lot of traveling and scuba bought one because his friend had the G-9 wich he envied, and seeing my pictures of Europe pushed hi over the edge.

My sister in law also bought one even though she is dead broke.

its just that pimp.

anyways, thanks for the compliment, but as you can see all the credit goes to the camera, and that just took slaving away to corporate america to get. :)

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Boca Rosa looks pretty cool. My wife and I stayed at the Residence Inn for her birthday last month and it was during their soft opening. The owner was walking around and seemed really proud of his new place. We only stayed for a little while though on our way to dinner at Dish, which was really good. We then hit the Russell for drinks and some fried plantains, which are awesome for all who haven't tried them. This part of Downtown is really coming to life. It was a great night out on the town and felt like the city was really a great place to be.

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regarding the hotel, this is from their web site.


click the images and you can see the 3 areas are clearly on the top of the hotel

<H3 class=photo-title>Indoor Pool</H3>(photo 13 of 23)

Relax and unwind in our beautiful, roof-top pool adjacent to our fitness center and spa and overlooking downtown Hartford and the Connecticut River.

<H3 class=photo-title>Jacuzzi</H3>(photo 14 of 23)

Enhance your Connecticut getaway as you relax in our Jacuzzi at the indoor pool.

<H3 class=photo-title>Concierge Lounge</H3>(photo 12 of 23)

Concierge-level guests at our downtown Hartford hotel can enjoy complimentary beverages and hors d'oeuvres, as well as views of the Connecticut River. It's amenities like this that make our Connecticut Convention Center hotel a cut above the rest.

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I drove down Rt 5 in East Hartford the other day and snapped photos at nights.

East Hartford obviously has a messed up "main street" but I suppose there is still a bunch of potential as well.

you will see that I turned onto CT blvd and took a few pics of the skyline from infront of the car dealers before crossing the bridge.














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