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Violence at hip-hop nightclubs... what should be done?


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The other night, Cromwell seen its first murders in decades ... a local bar had a hip-hop, reggae, and reggaeton music show. Some dumb drunken hostility led to gunshots being fired and two people dead. The shooter was underage.

This is becoming an epidemic statewide. Seemingly anywhere these hip-hop events are held, violence breaks out. At a Danbury nightclub, fights break out all the time. A friend of mine went to the hospital one night to get stitches, after she got punched in the face ... instead of the intended target. Danbury has police presence outside the most troublesome spots, but still have to rush units in when brawls break out.

In Stratford, fights at a bar when they bring in a DJ to play hip-hop have jeapordized a condo project nearby. People from New Haven and Bridgeport constantly fight each other in clubs, so do people from Stamford and Waterbury. And in Hartford, there's been the several shootings outside clubs, some fatal some not.

Does anyone have ideas on how to protect safety of patrons in these places? Or what can be done to make patrons not resort to fighting and/or weapons? Should use of metal detectors or other methods be required?

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All in all this is an extremely complicated issue. But I think it does not need over complication.

Security of any venue is the responsibility of the owner.

Station night club fire was many different peoples fault, but ultimately it is the owner/manager of the venue that must take responsibility. Legally and morally.

So if someone gets shot in a hip hop or classic rock show by an under aged person it is securities fault for not doing their job. Then it is the promoters fault for not hiring appropriate security. Then it is the owners fault for allowing a shady promoter to operate on their premises. If the owner hopes to profit, they must take appropriate precautions.

So again the simplest way to say it

Security of any venue is the responsibility of the owner.

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