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Vacation in London


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Ive decided to travel abroad for the first time. The city Ive decided to go to is London. I will be going at the begining of April 2008. I will be there for about four days. I already know what attractions I want to see. I do have two questions for anyone who has ever been to London. 1. What and where should I eat? Ive read that dining options there have become very diverse but with so many choices I don't know where to go and what to try. 2. What is the weather like in April? All the travelguides I read don't give me a clear answer on this.

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I prefer to eat the street food over the restaurants. There is an endless variety, it's authentic (non-chain), and relatively cheap. The exchange rate on the pound vs the dollar is pretty bad so if you are on a budget this will help. I would stay away from the places that sell "fish & chips".

London is not a warm city so dress for relatively cool to cold weather. I can say if it will be rainy or sunny.

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As a former Londoner, I will give you my favorite inexpensive restaurnats. First, I love Indian food and frequent Kahn's which is in Queensway behind Whiteleys shopping center. Go all the way down Queensway Rd. and turn left. It is on the left. The food is very reasonable and excellent. By the way, walk around Whiteleys. They have some very nice, reasonable places there as well.

For Chinese, I like Wonkie in Chinatown. I believe it is on Frith St. It is very close to Leister Square. The food is excellent and the price is the best. You may have to share a large table with others, but the others are generally friendly and it has never been a problem. Also, there may be a short wait but it is worth it.

I also love Lebanese food and it can be found in abundance on Marlebone Street.

For lunches, pubs usually have reasonably priced specials. I sometimes get the plowman's special which is meat, cheeses, bread and simple but good. Pininnis are popular and generally good.

I am not a steak eater so I can't give too much good advice other than I used to eat at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. There are good cafes all over. Another good place for lunch is Garfunkles on Picadilly Road near the circus.

I agree with the previous poster that suggested staying away from fish n chips. Ususally too greasy and can taste like sausage, chicken or whatever else they cook in the same grease. I will stick with my fish n chips at my favorite pubs in Charlotte.

Good eating. You will burn off all of your calaries walking.

By the way, the weather in London in April normally sucks. But, who knows? Expect 50s and light rain.

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