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  1. When I was recently in Boston (Wakefield), I always ate at Dunkin's because no other restaurant in the area had their A/C turned on and I didn't want sweat droplets in my pizza so I opted for the coolness of Dunkins. I found that the advantage they have over our beloved Krispy Kreme is that they also have sandwiches and a larger variety of food. But yea, the doughnuts are sort of cardboardish. There is a Dunkin's on about every scorner in much of the Boston area since that is their home. It could have been worse for the neighborhood. We have one here on the lake and they do rather well.
  2. And I will certainly always cherish your valued opinion.
  3. We should appreciate this photo. In the future, the NAACP may demand that cotton no longer be grown.
  4. How about a large "pull it yourself" automotive junk yard. It could be massive and people might actually use it. Or it could be a place for "boot" sales which are like a flea market where people sell things out of the "boot" or trunk of their cars? I will try to think of something that seems even stupider.
  5. It is definitely time to build "up" and not out. Building out only contributes to sprawl. Building 10 story dwellings are built, there will be more room for green space and perhaps an extensive river walk for everyone and not just those owning homes adjacent. The Charlotte area needs to start thinking about the near future when the city population reaches 2 million plus. And, think rail too!!!
  6. I thought the city gave the organization the theater for $1. so that the theater could be revamped, etc. That was about three years ago. How has this project been allowed to drag its feet and now not have the permits required. I know that they didn't[have to start until this past Spring or Summer, but they had already dragged their feet until then. It seems like a huge mistake selling this place for $1 when the city could have made millions and probably have had a great place by now through someone else.
  7. I find that if you are under 30, you will likely think that Asheville is "hipper." That is because most people in uptown Charlotte are older and more professional generally. Asheville consists of hippie like young people and students. Most of the people that I know that live in Asheville (quite a few) don't go to downtown Asheville any more. They don't care for the "hipsters" and are tired of going to the Indian Street Food restaurant or bars. Charlotte is in a different category. Asheville should be compared with cities the same size, i.e. Fayetteville, Charlottesville, Greenville, Chapel Hill, etc. It is a cool place, but not compared to Charlotte. Charlotte has cool places all around the metro. Asheville really doesn't except for the Biltmore Village.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I just hope we can get the red line up here while I can still walk. LOL. We seriously need to look ahead. This is one area at which European cities make the U.S. look ancient. We are suffering up here on the lake and need help getting into uptown, Soon, we will be an isolated island because of the ever increasing traffic. I, for one, don't mind paying an extra percent in city taxes to get rail service.
  9. Trust me, Charlotte and most of the south is not a "culture shock" to most Californians. The only thing they have that we don't culture wise is Hollywood. They can keep it. They will not feel culturally deprived practically anywhere they go. Ever been to Bakersfield, Victorville, or Barstow?
  10. Someone forwarded an article about the "red line" be considered again for more surveys, etc. Nobody has posted on this. Does anyone have info. It seems that there is going to be a push to get the lake towns on the bandwagon. Hope it works.
  11. Charlotte started building structures over 10 stories about that time. Actually, a few are still but hugely redone. Seems like the only thing around here in town that qualifies as old are the Victorian homes in 4th Ward and a few in Dilworth. Maybe we can hold on to them for the future.,
  12. Question, Since you are probably not the one interviewing or reviewing resumes or choosing what city is welcomed to submit, why do you care? If a city thinks they have a chance, they should submit. Amazon wants to go to the right place and I am sure that a submission from a potential place is no problem. How hard would it be to simply ignore a unqualified submission?
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