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  1. Push - Journey of Life Mark Knight & D. Rameriez - Columbian Soul (G&D Remix)
  2. Yes, the plan is for 12 real "arm" gates and 12 "walk up to the plane on the ground" gates.
  3. I think International flights (Canada & Mexico) are atleast 10 years off if that. I still can't ever see places like London adding a nonstop flight to XNA. Seems its cheaper to do it in much bigger cities that have larger infastrucutres, hub structuring, long runways, etc. I still can't believe that Raleigh Durham is going to be added. AA Officials better be making sure to get travelers from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Columbus, etc to book this flight. I guess I can see Raleigh acting as a small hub for XNA to channel east coast traffic. Still seems really odd though to have Raleigh as a city. XNA Destinations: 19 Cities Atlanta Charlotte Chicago O'Hare Cincinnati Dallas/Ft. Worth Denver Detroit Houston Los Angeles Memphis Miami (Started This Year) Minneapolis/St. Paul New York Laguardia Newark Orlando (Started June 6th) Raleigh-Durham (Starts Nov. St. Lake City St. Louis Washington D.C. (Starts Sept. 9th) Little Rock National: 19 Cities Atlanta Baltimore/Washington D.C. Charlotte Chicago - O'Hare, Midway Cincinnati Dallas Ft. Worth, Love Denver Detroit Houston Intercontinental, Hobby Kansas City Las Vegas Memphis Minneapolis/St. Paul Newark Orlando Phoenix Salt Lake City St. Louis Washington D.C. Dulles Both LIT and XNA serve 19 Cities, but LIT still serves more airports since Southwest flies to Hobby, Love Field, and Midway.
  4. IMO, Dickson makes BBBQ. You take Dickson street out of the picture and you can kiss BBBQ goodbye.
  5. Nice find. It really is a shame that prices are so high, I hope they start to drop once a low fare airline comes.
  6. The funny part is that nobody drives on those roads aswell.
  7. NRC - Here Comes the Rain (Push Vocal Remix)
  8. I can see both of those added in time. It would be extremly weird to see them on American (At least Las Vegas). Phoenix and Philadelphia are both cities desperately needed at XNA as well.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. There's no huge Wal-Mart operations or Vendor operations in RDU that I know of. Raleigh will be an extremly unpopular flight. We don't want another Cleveland at XNA!!
  10. We used to drive to Tulsa for Southwest (Believe Me), but it changed when Walmart changed it's interntal travel network.
  11. Not Wal-Mart my friend. Wal-Mart stays away from most low cost carriers (suprisingly). American is the choice for WM and Delta is usually second.
  12. You'd be suprised at the number of people that drive to Little Rock for a flight on Southwest from XNA. I admit most go to Tulsa but Little Rock isn't completely left out. Besides I doubt XNA would loose any flights if a low cost air carrier came into the market since XNA is mainly a business airport at the moment. A low cost carrier would appeal to leisure travelers.
  13. Everyone congrats on 40,000 posts!!!!
  14. Great announcement yesterday. Daisy BB Guns will now be moving their manufacturing facility from Neosho to Rogers!! The manufacturing center will hire an additional 70 jobs for the market. Shame they had to take it from Neosho since they're desperately trying to become part of the NWA metro.
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