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Baton Rouge Business Report


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I picked up an issue of June 2007 Baton Rouge Business Report today from my dad's office and it has a lot of info inside. It has information on all the big projects and somemore. I'll have to post a few each day(there's at least 40 listed). :D

Bass Pro Shop

Cost: $36.7 million

Square footage: 163,000 sq ft

Description: Part of a 75- acre complex

Estimted completion: Late 2007




Hotel King

Cost:$15 millin

Size: 46,864 sq ft


19th Judicial Courthouse

Cost: $90 million

Square footage: 11, 320,000 sq ft

Groundbreaking: July 2007

Estimted completion: December 2009


Kress,Knox&Welsh-Levy Buildings

Cost: $18+ million

Square footage: 9,000+ sq ft

Groundbreaking: February 2007

Estimted completion: Summer 2008


RiverPlace Condominiums

Cost: $82.5 million

Square footage: 36 floors, 119-128 units

Groundbreaking: Fall 2007

Estimted completion: Late 2008





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I love reading the official Business Report because it seems to go more indept then just reading straight from the website. And the pictures are always a plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for my city. :D Everything is changing and in a few years Baton Rouge will be a totally different city. I'm glad to be alive to witness this growth and to be able to explain to my children what Baton Rouge used to be in the future.

Hey is that first picture of Riverplace the "original" ?

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^ Well said Bobby! True!

Hey Dan, thanks for sharing this info. :thumbsup: Look forward to seeing everything they had to say. Sorry I missed this issue with all of this good stuff!

Plenty projects going on or about to start all around the area, definitely fun to watch! One RiverPlace(original) did have a sleek Miami-like design. How do you like those middle floors with 18-foot ceilings??

This RiverPlace is supposed to be 30-stories; 26-residential; 4-stories of parking. If the lofts(how many floors) have 18-feet per floor; that will help the height.

The New Courthouse will be one massive civic building! The original 9-story rendering does not do it justice!

Good to finally see Bass Pro is going up quickly.

Keep up the good work!

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Sorry I didn't post this tuffsooner guys. I've totally obscesed with playing SimCity 4 lately :lol:

City Plaza II

Cost: $70 million

Groundbreaking: August 2007

Estimted completion: Jan. 1, 2009

Size: 12 stories, seperate parking garage


MAPP Construction

Cost: $1 million +

Square footage: 17,343sq ft

Completion:October 2006


Dimensions in Designs

Cost: $800,000

Square footage: Two buildings, 10,500 sq ft

Estimted completion: July 2006(First building), July 2007(second building)


LACapitol Building

Cost: $10 million

Square footage: 75,000 sq ft

Completion: March 2007


Residence Inn

Cost: $5.5 million

Square footage: 71,120q ft

Description: 125 rooms, including 92 upscale suites with full kitchens, daily hot breakfast buffet and grocery-buying

Completion: July 2007



Cost: $3.5 million

Square footage: 16,000 sq ft

Description:Zea Rostisserie and Gill will be built in the project as well as addition office an retail space

Estimted completion:September 2007


Banana Republic

Cost: $700,000 (shell)

Square footage: 9,106 sq ft

Description:Freestanding retail clothing store


W Hotel

Cost: ?

Square footage: 68,234sq ft/ 11.9 acres

Description:5 story hotel with 136 rooms would be built in front of Eplanade Mall

Groundbreaking: ?

Estimted completion:?


Jefferon Highway Apartments

Cost: $28 million

Square footage: 42,146 sq ft

Description:Twelve buiding complex with garage and clubhouse


To be continued :) . . .

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Great thread.

That first picture of Riverplace (the 28 ish story one) would look pretty cool on the river, too. That with the Advocate site construction would complement downtown nicely.

Either way, anything would look better than what is there now. The fact that it is residential kind of lends itself to facing the river anyways...so I wouldn't be surprised if it has a shorter, wider stance similar to that first drawing. That would give more units views of the river at a lower cost than building up.

Baton Rouge has a decent downtown. A few condo mid-rises would be pretty cool. More rooms with a view are in demand. They don't necessarily have to be on the river.

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Ones without pictures

Millerville Shopping Centre

Cost: $ 10.8 million excluding Lowe's and Target)

Square footage: 37 acres

Description: Retail center that inludes PetSmart, Office Depot,Best Buy, Target, Lowe's,Chilli's and Hibbett Sport

Estimted completion:October 2007

Baton Rouge Clini

Cost: $10 million

Square footage: 52,825sq ft

Description: Three story expansion to consolidate all pediatric offices

Rouzon TND

Square footage: 120 acres

Description:Old Ford Pasture site, multiuse, single famliy house, town houses, offices, other "civic" components

Cheval Trails TND

Cost: $7 million +

Square footage: 317 acres

Description:600 houses,equestrian park, 25 acres of commercial retail,7.5 acre splash park and walking trails

Woman's Hosptal

Square footage:

Description:Relocation and new building for more comprehensive cancer care,more space than current facility

Groundbreaking: Fall 2007

Estimted completion:2010

Victory Common Condominiums

Cost: $ 10 million

Square footage: 50,000 sq ft +

Description: 52 units geared to alumni, sports fans , and young professonals

Estimted completion:Fall 2007

To be continued (this time with more pictures :D). . .

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So that's where you have been?? Sim City 4 sounds addictive! :lol:

Dan, I can't thank you enough for posting all of this. This is the next best thing to actually buying businessreport. Talk about time consuming for you with this long list. And even there's more!!! :w00t: Like Bobby and many other posters have said recently, these are exciting times for BR!

The next wave of development is poised to really change the scene Downtown! All the renovations are nice to see too.

The BR Clinic is expanding; that would explain all the crew working there. Across the street Perkins Palms is going up.

While driving down Essen it's hard to tell if anything is even going on(started) on the 8-story office tower on Summa Ave?? That should be starting anyday??

I hate to see Woman's Hospital moving further down Airline. But they are bursting at the seams with a limited amount of space. What will become of the current site??

The Millerville Shopping Centre with it's next phase is going to be huge! They are coming along nicely on the 5-laning on Millerville.

Can't wait to see some renderings of the 120-acre Rouzan village will look like? The new Southdowns branch library will serve as an excellent anchor.

The Barnes & Noble/LaMadeline/Lofts at Perkins Rowe is looking great yesterday!! :shades: I wish I had my camera on me! Perkins Rowe could qualify as a downtown in some smaller cities.

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^ You are right BRPJ, that design at 30-stories will have people talking!

^ Rardy, the Books-A-Million and Residence Inn are at the Towne Center at Cedar Lodge; from Corporate Blvd. they are behind all the restuarants (PF Changs, Flemings, Carrabas). Residence Inn(on the side of Books-a-Million) is actually on the new street(Commerce Ave.) in the new business park starting up. Hopefully the Residence Inn connects to this.

I suggested to the developers of Towne Center to have walking/bike paths connect both of the large residential componets(going behind business park) with small pond/fountain, street lamps, park benchs, etc. To make "true" Towne Center. Never heard nothing back.

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I'd like to see more single story or townhome type condominums, similar to those on Bluebonnet at Burbank or the ones off Concord ave...those would sell like hotcakes around Towne Center (I can't get used to the town with an "e"). I might even buy one. I thought those off Jefferson were going condo, but they came up too fast...usually when they come up all at once like that they are apartments.

I guess there is more money in single story garden offices than small condos.

I didn't know that Books a Million was going up there.

BTW, isn't there supposed to be a TND going up at the old Walmart on Perkins? That's the neighborhood I'd buy in...just give me another year or so to put down the 20%.

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Okay guys catch me up. I'm a bit lost. Where are the Rouzon and Cheval Tails TND's going. I have never heard of these 2 before. To agree with someone, I to would like to see a little bit more single family homes in or around Towne Center with walking and bike trails. I really wish they would have put a 2nd story on all of it and had lofts at the top like Perkins Rowe. I love the term "Urban Village". It's funny to see someone say that Perkins Rowe would be some other cities downtown and we have it out in what I consider the burbs. LOL. That first drawing of Riverplace is quite impressive, at 30 stories it would be quite the stand out building for downtown.

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^ You can check-out the New Urbanism thread on Page 2 with a list of the TND's; both are there :thumbsup:

Rouzan will be on Perkins Road east of College Drive( about 1/2 mile) across from Congress Blvd. in the 120-acre Ford Pasture; between Pollard Estates and Southdowns. It's supposed to be anchored by a new Southdowns branch library in the front. A mix of housing through-out. This is the same developer of CitiPlace and Perkins Rowe; so it should be nice!

Cheval Trails will be way out in Zachary. Not as familiar with. It's supposed to be large.

Hey brresident, that's supposed to be Acadian Village. Not really a "TND"; but lofts will go on top of the office/retail. Bryde started a thread; it's on page 2 or 3. Still waiting....

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Darn those pop ups!!!!!!! I had typed up a big list of stuff and while loading an image on imageshack an add poped on this browser! ! ! ! ! :angry::angry:

Well any way here's a few things. :( I'll post more tommorrow

Thanks though guys. I found all this stuff and just had to share it with all ya'll

Storage Center

Cost: $5.58 million

Square footage: 116,400 sq ft

Description:Mini storage facility

Estimated completion:July 2007


Essen office tower

Cost: ?

Square footage: 90,000 sq ft

Description: Offices for engineering companies, medical firms, banks, and other professional tenants

Groundbreaking: July 1, 2007

Estimated completion:September 2008


Barringer Crossing

Cost: $1.4 million

Square footage: 24,000 sq ft

Description:Retail center for up to 12 tenants

Estimated completion:August 1, 2007


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Thanks for posting this for us Dan :thumbsup: I have lost a large post last week and it's not fun.

I'll be in the neighborhood of the 8-story building tommorrow; and maybe see if anything has started?? There is a large sign/rendering on the tract of land. It looked like they had some equipment in the back??

They sure can make storage centers big these days.

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This is a good thread.

Baton Rouge sure is a boomtown. That's a huge amount of development for a city it's size. Too bad more of that money isn't going downtown.

I have an idea for the Pinnacle casino. Wouldn't it be cool that, since they are doing a building standing over water (instead of the traditional riverboat) they enclose it with levees and utilize cypress and other swamp and subtropical plants to make the whole place look like it's in the middle of the swamp?

Oh well, just a thought. I am sure with the money they are spending that it will be very nice.

Real bummer it's not going downtown.

Imagine how it would look in Port Allen with a Hotel tower on the river overlooking Downtown.

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Way to go Dan! This is turning into one massive thread!!! Your scanner is having to work overtime. This just goes to show all the impressive developments going up all over the place! :camera:

It would have been interesting to see had Blue Cross built downtown "vertically" and not opted for the burbs where theres more land.

A new 200-room hotel at The Boulevard?? At 25-rooms per floor that could be 8-floors + If there is a parking deck it goes on top of it will really be easy to see driving along I-10.

A nice high-rise hotel would look great across the river in WBR somewhere between Port Allen and Brusly.

The Amdisys HQ's looks nice; alot better than than the vacant Schweggman's that stood for so many years.

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That stonelake place is R.W. Day.

I hope it's better than his other developments. Stonelake looks very average...but it's not finished yet. Just like Southgate Towers, I am sure they will never get finished. I wouldn't be against running R.W. Day out of town.

We are lucky that they finally paved a road to the new condos.

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I like the look too. The project actually is larger(goes back) than the pic shows. University Lake needed a nice multi-story residential complex like this. The developer tried many times and failed bec. nearby residents complained NIMBY. But the persistance finally paid off!

I like what they have done at the Northgates at Nicholson.

The new Healing Place Church is massive looking!

The 225 Magazine shows some nice looking pics for the new restuarants planned for Chimes/State Street.

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