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Vibrant Red Robin Chain continues expansion

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Red Robin the Burger and Dirits Resturant that first popped up in the area in Brier Creek is conitnuing its expansion in the Triangle. The latest Red Robin is now under construction in the new Shoppes at Caveness Farms which is just south of the new highway 98 bypass and U.S. 1 (Capital Blvd.) it along with a Chilis will be some of the latest new entries to the Wake Forest and Wakefield area eatery scence.

Also the latest Carolina Ale House is well underway (And should open this summer I suspect) across U.S. 1 on Retail Drive in the Super Target and Home Depot anchored center. :thumbsup:

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According to their website, there are four RRs in the Triangle so far -- Brier Creek, Cary (between Ale House and Jack Astors, where Copelands was torn down), Durham (15-501 corridor) and Apex. Southpoint might be too close to 15-501's Indigo Corners. The Wake Forest location could be "close enough" for TTC. I could see a location in the 540/64 business area doing well as that area attracts transplants.

I've been to the Brier Creek and Cary locations and sort of see the point, but not really. For the money, there are several other options. The "get anything on a burger" idea is nice, but if you don't want a burger, you have few other options. The promise of "unlimited french fries" depends on the wait staff. You have to a) get their attention (easier said than done) and b) ask/beg for more.

I like Five Guys a *lot* more. I don't need someone to wait on me to get drinks and my food! Or Fat Daddy's (started by the Eure family!). If I'm near downtown Raleigh, I like Finch's burger club sandwich a lot. Steak and Shake is good, but only once every few months.

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