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The Terrace at Frazier


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An article in the TimesFreePress has the details of the Terrace at Frazier Building.

$18 Mil Project

4 Stories

80000 sq feet

375 parking spaces

Belongs to CARTA

Office, Retail, Housing, and Transportation Blend

Completion in approx 1 year

16 Condos on two floors $390k - $975k

1 floor of retail

1 floor of offices

Parking rates will not exced $0.50 per hour

Sounds like another really good project for the N. Shore.

Shuttle service will start after Market St. Bridge reopens. Shuttles will use area near Theater Center as turn around point, until the building is complete.


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The North Shore area is hot! Where on Frazier will this one be located? Also, There may for an announcement of the Bridgeview project soon. They have a new rendering of that North Shore project which I saw last weekend. It's gorgeous!
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Between the Corner of Treemont and Frizier and the Gas Station, all the way back to the electric substation. I thought that lot would never get redeveloped. When I used to live on in N. Chatt there was a rumor that that lot was going to be a Calhoun's, from Knoxville.
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Here's some construction pics for this project taken today. As you can see, this one is also progressing nicely. Chattanooga's North Shore is quickly becoming as awesome place with the addition of this project, One and Two North Shore, Bridgeview, 417 Frazier, and other great projects.





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