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Meijer or Meijers?


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You know I just had to start this thread because I find this quite comical in a sense, and annoying.

Have you ever caught yourself saying "Oh I went shopping at Meijers today." "Oh yeah, I got those on sale at Meijers."

It wasn't until one of my good friends worked there for a few months that she has formed a pet peeve with people that say Meijers, because it is correctly called "Meijer" (unless you are using the name as a plural). She (my friend) used to work at the Customer Service desk and she said she cannot believe how many people come up when they are writing checks they'll ask her "so I write it out to Meijers?" and my friend will say, "Actually no, you would write it out to Meijer." She said one person even wrote Meijerz on the check. :lol:

Anyone have or have had this same experience?

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It's a Michigan thing to add that "S" and it's not just Meijer to which we add it.

I cannot tell you how many times (growing up in Detroit especially) I would hear people say something like "I drive truck for Fords"

..see, "driving truck" (instead of "driving a truck" or "driving trucks") seems to be the same thing...just the opposite.

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