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Wal-Mart coming to India!


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Well I guess it was only a matter of time before the world's largest retailer came to India. When I was in India last year, I remember the closest thing to Wal-Mart they had was Big Bazaar http://www.pantaloon.com/bigbazaar.htm

According to the article, "hundreds" of stores will be set up across the country, and Bharti Enterprises will team up with Wal-Mart.

"Wal-Mart was keen to get into India. I think they have chosen the right partner," said Mittal, whose group company Bharti Airtel Ltd. is the country's largest cellular phone service provider.

What my concern really is though, and what the article mentions, are the 12 million+ mom-and-pop shops that could be affected (where it is significant in most places that Wal-Mart has come for mom-and-pop shops to faulter).

Full Article: http://plainvanillashell.com/article.asp?ID=7094

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This is unforunate, but India is such a rapidly growing country that who knows what the next 10 years will bring. However, with India containing such a history of its mom & pop stores, it may prove difficult for Wal-Mart to adapt. Perhaps they may struggle and give up like they have in Germany & South Korea.

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