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Wachovia 48 Story Office Tower & 42 Story Condo Tower


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See this on the UP Wiki: Wachovia 48 Story Office Tower

This article confirms that the tower will have blue-green glass, 48 stories tall and nearly 800 feet tall. It also says that the condo tower is 42 stories tall. Too bad they don't have a picture. It also mentions just a few points about the towers sustainable aspects including recycling rainwater and a green roof on the trading floor.

Edit: This is a continuation Wachovia South Tryon Topic. Now that the project has been formally announced please continue the discussions here.


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Okay looking back at the article, is THAT the official rendering of the tower. Sure does look like it.

EDIT: okay never mind.....I guess it really is official. The handle looks to have been scaled down but still a big WOW...this is going to be a great additon to the city. Good looking Wachovia! :yahoo:

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This increase in height makes me believe that the condo market may be a lot stronger uptown than I had originally thought. If the banks are starting to invest money into this, either their higher-ups want to live uptown or they have done their research which has shown strength in uptown living.

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