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Citizen's Band Radio


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My dad was a cross-country trucker, and I had a blast playing with his when I got to ride with him on trips. He also had CB's installed in both his pickup and mom's car. I had one for a while, but with cell phones, CD players, GPS, and everything else going on in the car, I've left the CB behind. Albeit in some remote areas they would be more useful if you were in trouble than a cell phone!

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we used to have a ton of fun talking to truckers with the CB on long road trips. my father uses one to talk to his girlfriend who used to be a trucker. if you get a good one with a good antenna, you can usually chat with people that are pretty far away.

we also used to use them on boy scout camping trips when the whole troop would meet somewhere and then drive in separate cars. i'm anti-boy scouts now though.

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^ Yeah, when I was a kid everybody had to have a fuzzbuster and now no one does (or at least no one I know does).

Quick edit: When I was in high school I went up to Atlanta with about half my high school and a friend of mine had a CB. Life Lesson Number 26: Never joke around on a CB in Atlanta---they listen!!!

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