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  1. Definitely bring her through Elmhurst. Specifically, bring her through these particular areas. While these areas might border each other, each has a different feel in my opinion. I live on Grosvenor, which is close to Chalkstone and more similar to your neighborhood. These other areas are quieter, less diverse (or at least lack the "cultures" that like their streets littered and their music loud enough to hear 3 blocks away). The area surrounded by Smith St to the north (or even Wabun or Whitford to the north), River Ave to the east, Academy Ave to the west, and Pleasant Valley Pkwy to the south. This is my favorite area of Elmhurst. We almost bought a house here, but it was too much house for us and just out of our price range (we were looking for a purchase price of no more than $200k). The area surrounded by Eaton St to the north, Hilltop Ave to the east, River Ave to the west, and Smith St to the south. This is close to PC, but very few, if any, students actually live in that area. The area surrounded by Admiral St and Isabella Ave to the north, River Ave to the East, Gentian and Smith to the west, and Eaton St to the south. I used to live in this area on Sharon St. All of Gentian is also pretty nice until the very end near Admiral St. The area between Smith St and Mount Pleasant Ave south of where they intersect and north of LaSalle Academy is also nice, but with few walkable amenities. The area between Mount Pleasant Ave and Academy Ave just south of LaSalle is, again nice, but not quite as nice as the 3 areas I mentioned above. In those 3 areas, you'll find lots of young families on those areas. I don't know of you guys use RIPTA at all, but the beauty of Elmhurst is the peace and quiet and the close proximity to the bus routes in pretty much the whole neighborhood. It's a great neighborhood for people who want the amenities of the city but the quiet and roominess of the suburbs (though it's not as roomy as going to the outer suburbs).
  2. I don't post here very often anymore because I really don't like the new design of the site. We've also got some new blogs where most of the action seems to have gone.
  3. Snapfish is not a great site for photo sharing. I think it's mainly intended to be used for buying prints.
  4. Anyone know what the policy is on street handicap spaces? My street seems to have an over-abundance of them. I know for a fact that 2 of them are no longer needed (it was a house that was, might still be, for sale, I actually looked at it before buying this one, had 2 elderly women). It just seems like a waste to have a street lined with handicap spaces when they're no longer needed. How do they get added, and, more importantly, how long do they last?
  5. Right, but there's never been a reason to have to upgrade your TV to change that if you have always used an antenna to watch TV. Imagine having to all of a sudden upgrade your AM/FM radio because they decide to switch to satellite. This is the equivalent of that. I'm still of the opinion that there is absolutely no valid reason for this switch except to provide the content providers more control. I can understand not being able to buy a VCR anymore to watch your old VHS tapes. I can understand not being able to buy an analog cassette player because they're outdated and you can't make money on them anymore. You have to pay for cassette and VHS tapes. The airwaves are free. You just need a device to grab them. This is why this switch should never happen. If I have an old TV and it still works for me, why should I be forced to upgrade it if it's always worked and I've always been able to watch the 5 channels that broadcast free over the air? I've already paid to watch and listen. Now I'm being forced to pay again. Cotuit's right on this one. If this switch is mandatory (which it is), anyone with a TV that won't work after Feb. 17 should get a free converter box.
  6. Part of the reason is that the program that gave vouchers to people to get the converters has run out of money, leaving a lot of people blank. Personally, I don't see any reason for the change except so the content providers can better control their content. Remember the whole "plug the a-hole" thing (a=analog)?
  7. i think someone should take this idea and bring it to providence. how cool would that be? Complaint Choirs
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