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General Memphis Photos, Past and Present


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These are from today. Kinda lousy weather, but you get the idea...

100 N. Main with its head in the clouds




South DT with FedEx Forum and the new Westin in the background


Southbluffs next to the river


Southbluffs and RiverTower


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Awesome photos, person! (i've learned not to make assumptions about forumers' genders) Those low flying clouds make some really cool effects amidst the buildings downtown. The weather over in the M'Town looks really wintery, cold, rainy, nasty, etc. Here in middle Tennessee we're still in the 70's, although it's grey and overcast, too.

What's with that little neighborhood just to the east, I think of downtown? Are those apartments? That seems pretty odd, what's it called, etc.?

The buildings in Memphis always seem really tall to me, I think because the landscape is so low and flat, wheras in Nashville, you can be driving over a hill and be almost 2/3 up the Bell South building, although in East Nashville, the buildings appear extra tall for the same reason as Memphis. I'm rambling, so I'll stop now.

If you have an opportunity, can you take some street level photos of some of the new stuff going on, in and around downtown? In Nashville, we're having a really hard time with our Westin proposal, while yours seems pretty reasonable and quite nice.

Hope you get some snow (it's still November for crying out loud, way too early for that).

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Awesome photos, person!

Thank you! BTW, feel free to call me guy, man, boy, male-entity, mister, son, or masculine genderized humanoid. Any one will do - your choice. :D

I'm not sure what that neighborhood is called. It's south of Union and east of the Forum. If it doesn't already have a name, I'll submit either EaFo or Sonion. Any takers?

I'll get some more pics, either when/if it snows or when it's sunnier.

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Nice pics Rardy! The back of downtown is really cool. Where were you taking those shots from anyway?

I have plenty of pictures I haven't posted yet. Hopefully I will get around to them in a couple of days.

I was at UT, in the Medical District. That's the view from my office, and it's kinda weird to think it's "new" cause that's pretty much the only view I see! Thanks for the compliments. I can't wait to see your pics too.

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Nice pics Rardy! Keep them coming.

What's with that little neighborhood just to the east, I think of downtown? Are those apartments? That seems pretty odd, what's it called, etc.?

When I was a toddler, I lived in those apartments! Its called the Edisons. As you can see, there is one lowrise apartment, aswell as a large row of 3 or 4 story apartment duplexes. The ones in the pictures are also apartments with a playground. The highrise has a concrete covered parking lot and on top of it, there was a putting green, a small snack shop, benches, and a bike and a walking track.

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K...more pics. The weather was much sunnier today, but the wind chill was in the teens. Yikes.

Sculpture at Vance Park on top of the bluff:


Mud Island from Vance Park:






The Exchange Building, my personal favorite in Memphis:


Lincoln American Tower, renovations continue despite fire:



Future site of One Beale. Fill in the blank with...a 30-story building:


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Nice pics again Rardy! I really like the ones of the historic buildings. In the first shot of them (which you did very well in not capturing the more modern buildings in the shot) it looks like its back in the 30s or 40s with the exception of the cars.

Good job! :thumbsup:

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Very nice! Does Memphis ever have any problems with flooding from the mighty Mississippi? Kind interesting how the river splits and creates an island.

No...we don't have problems because of the natural bluff the city sits on. You can it in this photo (it continues down past the road. Something like 60 feet high, I think?):


Across the river and downriver in Mississippi, they have problems with flooding, but they also have an extensive levee system.

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A few random pictures from my business trip there, a couple of months ago. These show how Memphis is converting many of its beautiful classic high rises into downtown housing.

The trolley system is wonderful!


The Sterrick Building; Tennessee's best older building, but still vacant.


And another view of the Sterrick...


The 20 story, Cotton States Building. Looks like it is finished and occupied.


This beautiful housing is near the Lincoln American.


This is being converted, I believe.


The fabulous Lincoln American, which was under conversion until a fire gutted the adjacent building (which was to be part of the project also?).


And this building on Court Square was converted into condos.


And with the new high rise condos proposed for the south Main area, Memphis is looking good.

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Great pictures PH, what a great day you had at your disposal in Memphis. Beautiful blue skies and sunlight.

Man, what makes the Sterrick such a great skyscraper? What do you call those decorative detail-thingies adorning its flanks? I wonder why the architect/developer went to the trouble and expense of creating all those sculptural motifs and embellishments? Didn't they know about the practicality/cheap-assness of modernist glass curtain-walls and unadorned, exposed concrete?

The "Cotton States" building is another beauty, I'm glad to see it gaining a new lease on life.

What's the history on that Byzantine/stone-clad corner building? You mention that it's residential, is it a conversion or new construction?

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