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City Flags and Seals!

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All Puerto Rican cities have their own flag, coat of arms, anthem and nickname.

San Juan's nicknames as far as I know are: the walled city and capital city but "senadores", "capitalinos" and "los de la losa" well those are nicknames for the people who lives in SJU. They are not nicknames for the city.

Ponce is also known as "La Ciudad Senorial" (Se~orial).

Bayamon is known as "Ciudad Vaquera" (Cowboy City).

Referring to Arecibo the "muy leal" is like a motto given to the city by the king of Spain after the city inhabitants repelled a british attack under the leadership of Antonio Correa and that's why is known as "La villa del Capitan Correa" (the village of Captain Correa) in that time Arecibo didn't have city status. The "capitanes" and "los lobos" (the wolves) are nicknames for the people who lives in Arecibo.

Mayaguez is also known as "Cuna de Eugenio Maria de Hostos" or (Eugenio Maria de Hostos birthplace, hometown) not sure about the translation.

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