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DKR Texas Memorial Stadium


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I think this stadium and its expansions deserve its own section.

First Project:




2008 Stadium Construction:





Master Plan:


South endzone would be closed taking away the horse shoe shape increasing the capacity to 110,000.

Feel free to look up more information on the final product for I havent much luck.

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I personally would like to get a close up look at that "master plan" model. It would be hard to imagine the noise level at that place. Seeing how the Godzillatron was recently built I would imagine that this project would start from 20 to 30 years from now sadly. That is too long for me.

I am sure that the record capacity will be beaten when A&M comes to town. Who knows, attendance could break 90,000.

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Can you imagine how many seats could be added if they decided to add any seats to the South Endzone side? Look at that those renderings! That's over 90,000 seats, and that's only on 3 sides of the field! That leave SO much room for expansion in the future if Texas ever decided to go that route.

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