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New Moderator for the Connecticut and Hartford Forums


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I have been wanting to get a local to help with the moderation duties in this section for some time, and I've finally settled on asking HartfordTycoon, and he has accepted. I think the forum will benefit from having a local who knows the ins and outs of what is actually taking place on the ground lead it.

HartfordTycoon will now have moderation powers over the Connecticut and Greater Hartford forums, all of the powers to edit threads, move threads, merge threads, pin threads, and issue punishments and warnings when people misbehave, but we all know no one ever misbehaves. ;)

Without naming names, I did consider several members, I wanted someone who lived in Hartford and spent a lot of time contributing to the forum. HartfordTycoon best fit all those criteria.

So please welcome HartfordTycoon to his new role. If you have any suggestions for how the forum can be organized or special threads to create you can post those suggestions here. HartfordTycoon and I will work to make them happen, if we can.

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Tycoon is a good choice.

I hope he suspends the practice of putting varied subject matter on a single project into one long, long post.

The Bradley Airport thread is about several different subjects, international routes, upgrades to the terminals, domestic service, even the name of the place, yet they are all just smashed together without regard to topic.

A little understanding of the differentiations inside of projects, rather than lumping them all together, would make the conversations easier to follow.

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